Glossier 101 | The Skincare

A while back I wrote about all the makeup products Glossier has to offer, and I promised a skincare post was coming soon. For some reason, it has taken me much longer than I planned to get this together, but at long last, here are my thoughts on every Glossier skincare product. If you're interested, you can shop through my rep link to get 10% off your first order. Rep Program aside, Glossier is and always has been one of my favorite brands - I bought everything in the line before I became a rep, and even now I've repurchased every product I've been sent for free through the Rep Program.

Milky Jelly Cleanser | I hate using the phrase "holy grail" to describe products these days, but this is without a doubt my holy grail cleanser. It has the most beautifully soft, cushion-y formula that smooths over the skin and feels thoroughly cleansing without being stripping. It can be used on dry skin to remove makeup, which I do when I'm wearing just a little bit, or as a morning/second cleanse on wet skin. I use it every morning because I find it washes away the grime and any excess skincare from the night before, while soothing and prepping my skin for the day.

Soothing Face MistI don't know why more people don't talk about this - I love face mists, and I'm all about rosewater, so this is a bit of a no-brainer. It instantly calms down any redness/irritation I'm experiencing and feels so soothing on the skin. The mist-er itself is nice and not aggressive. 

The Supers* | Glossier's powerful little serums have become favorites in my routine as well. There's Super Bounce, which hydrates and plumps the skin with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5, Super Pure, which calms and soothes with Niacinamide and Zinc, and Super Glow, which brightens and energizes with Vitamin C and Magnesium. I use Super Bounce the most, as my skin is always quite dry, but the other two slot into my routine nicely. Super Pure is my favorite when I'm breaking out or having a bout of stressed skin, and Super Glow peps up my skin in the mornings. If you only want one I'd definitely recommend Super Bounce first, but all three are available in a pack that saves you $19.

Priming MoisturizerMy go-to, everyday moisturizer in the spring and summer. It's lightweight and yet still very hydrating (although I need to layer up or use something richer in the winter). It greatly reduces the redness in my skin, so I can't help but use it every day. It smooths out the skin and adds a beautiful dewy glow, so it's always the one I use under makeup. If I had to choose just one favorite from Glossier, this might be it. Or Milky Jelly. I don't know, don't make me choose.

Priming Moisturizer Rich* | Remember when I said I needed something richer in the winter? Well, this guy is it. It has all the same beautiful plumping and priming properties of the original, but with a richer, more buttery formula. I use it as my night cream every night (mixed with a couple other things), and during the day on cold, dry days. It locks in moisture and keeps me hydrated all day long. It does contain a bit of lavender oil, so do be aware if you're sensitive to that. I love the scent it gives, and it's part of the reason I love using it every night.

Invisible Shield SPF 35* | Invisible Shield has made me realize the importance of using sunscreen daily. It's totally clear and weightless on the skin, which is something I had never experienced before with a sunscreen. I use it every day, even if it's cloudy/raining, to make sure my skin is always protected. Since using this every day, I've noticed less freckles and moles appearing, and acne marks fade away faster (mind you, these results are probably just because I was using a sunscreen at all and not exclusive to this one).

Balm DotcomMy favorite lip balm - I have them scattered everywhere, in bags and pockets and throughout my house in multiple scents. Some people say it's just vaseline in a tube, and while it does contain petrolatum, it also has other ingredients to actually moisturize the lips, like Lanolin and Castor Seed Oil, and the petrolatum seals it all in. My favorite scent changes all the time, but I'm currently really feeling the Mint one.

Mega Greens Galaxy PackIf you're looking for a mask that will cleanse and purify the skin without being too harsh or stripping, then look no further. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is a creamy clay mask that doesn't fully dry down on the skin, and it contains lots of healthy greens that basically make it a juice cleanse for your face (Glossier's words, not mine). I love using this mask in conjunction with the Moisturizing Moon Mask, and I make it part of my little Sunday afternoon pamper routine.

Moisturizing Moon MaskThis is my favorite of Glossier's two masks. It's great for dehydrated skin, and it gets you back on your way to glowing. It contains obvious hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid, honey, and plant-derived squalene, and it also has licorice root and lemon extract to brighten the skin. This is great after a long day or before applying makeup for an incredibly smooth, plumped canvas. I also like applying a thin layer and leaving it on overnight - it's not sticky and won't get all over your pillows.

Thank you for reading this far if you've made it to the end. As I said above, you can use this link to get 10% off your first order. I do make a commission on orders through my link, but that money gets invested back into this space!