Review | bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick


I’m constantly singing the praises of the original bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream - it’s been a staple in my makeup routine for about four years now (or whenever it first came out!), and it’s still the base product I reach for the most. When bareMinerals contacted me (seeing what a fan I was of the original) to see if I’d be interested in trying their new Complexion Rescue iteration, the Hydrating Foundation Stick, I just about squealed with excitement and jumped at the chance.

Wearing the Complexion Rescue Foundation Stick and a little bit of Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

Wearing the Complexion Rescue Foundation Stick and a little bit of Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

The Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick comes in 20 shades that seem to match up with the original’s shades. I wear shade 01 Opal in both formulas, and it’s a perfect match. It also has SPF 25, if that matters to you. It’s meant to be a “liquid foundation in a stick” with naturally radiant, medium coverage. I’d say that description is pretty accurate. For one, it’s the most hydrating foundation stick I’ve ever tried. It never clings to dry patches and just totally smooths over them as if they’re not even there. It looks totally seamless on my skin. Most foundation sticks kind of drag on my skin and take some time to blend, but this is so emollient that it actually feels wet gliding onto the skin (did anyone see the KathleenLights & RawBeautyKristi video where Kristi said it feels like a wet tongue on her face? because it’s kind of accurate), and I can blend it out in a matter of seconds with my hands. It’s become such a staple for rushed mornings because I can slap it on and have it look perfect in literally 10 seconds.

I’d describe the coverage more at the low end of the “medium” they claim (though it still has higher coverage than the Tinted Gel Cream), although it is really buildable. I like to add a second layer over areas that need more coverage, and it blends right in without getting cakey. It has a beautifully radiant finish as well. My favorite part about the original Complexion Rescue was how glowy it looked without feeling tacky or greasy on the skin, and the same thing goes for the Foundation Stick. It’s nice and dewy, but you can’t feel it on your skin, and it stays at the exact same level of dewiness all day for me. My sister has oily skin and is also in love with this foundation stick because it looks a little radiant but never turns greasy on her - so it seems like it would work on a variety of skintypes!

I find this lasts perfectly throughout the workday for me as long as I powder the center of my face in the morning. On days I skip powder, I notice it wearing off my skin (mostly where I touch my face a lot) and my acne scars start to peek through. But I never notice any obvious fading or patchiness - it fades away evenly. I’m SO happy to have this in my makeup collection, and it’s all I’ve been reaching for lately on workdays and chill weekend days.

Have you tried the Complexion Rescue Foundation Stick yet?

*bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick has been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

A Skin Tint Roundup | Kosas Tinted Face Oil, Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint, & Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint


When it comes to foundations and base products, I certainly have a type. If it’s marketed as lightweight and glowy, I’m there. Recently I’ve picked up the Kosas Tinted Face Oil (ed note: it was recently when I started writing this blogpost in November, whoops), and I wanted to see how it compared to two of my favorite skin tints: the Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint and the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. All three promise similar things: light coverage that smooths over the skin and leaves a natural, radiant finish.

The first thing I notice is that the Kosas is the runniest of the three, and the Milk Makeup is the thickest (or it seems that way at least because of the packaging. You have to be careful to not let pretty much the whole bottle of the Kosas Tinted Face Oil spill out into your hand, despite it having one of those dropper spouts. The Glossier Skin Tint has a similar delivery system, and it comes out drop by drop.


Consistency-wise, the Kosas feels like a dry oil and sinks into the skin quickly while leaving the veil of pigment behind with a satin finish. The Milk and Glossier feel more emollient, gliding over the skin as you blend them in and leaving quite a dewy finish. I’ve noticed if my skin is not exfoliated and moisturized properly, the Kosas will show dryness, while the Milk just glides over and hides this. The Glossier is somewhere in between, not totally gliding over dry patches, but not catching on them as much as the Kosas. This is not to say the Kosas is not for dry skin types - it really is, you just have to prep your skin properly.

Over the course of the day, all three fade evenly. I’d say the Glossier lasts the longest on me, followed by Kosas, and then the shortest wear time is Milk. Glossier and Milk remain quite dewy throughout the day without veering into greasy territory (though my skin is on the dry side), and the Kosas gets a little dewier over time - it starts out as a satin finish and ends up being quite glowy by the end of the day. This also never gets greasy on me, and it certainly looks better and better as you wear it. If I find it catching on a few dry patches when I first apply it, I always notice it goes away and looks smooth and even after about an hour of wear.

Despite all having the word “tint” in their names, I find these all have quite different levels of coverage. The Kosas has the highest coverage of the three, although it’s still quite light and allows some imperfections to show through. I’d say it’s a step above typical light coverage - maybe on par with something like the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. The Milk is next on coverage levels and has about the same as a tinted moisturizer. I think it has similar coverage to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. The Glossier has the least coverage of the three by far - this has just a whisper of coverage, just offering a sheer veil of color to gently even out the skin.

I’ve been asked a lot which is my favorite of these three, and honestly I can’t pick one. I always think I have a favorite and use it constantly, and then I start using one of the other two and fall in love all over again. Right now I’m using the Milk Sunshine Skin Tint almost daily - my skin is majorly dry right now, so this is the most forgiving formula.

If you’re just looking for a lightweight foundation, I don’t think you need all three. I’d go with Kosas if you’re looking for coverage, Milk if you’re looking for a serious glow, and Glossier if you want something to even out your skintone on minimal days.

Which one would you pick?

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Lina Choo The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipsticks | Review & Swatches


What better day than Valentine’s Day to talk about some beautiful, luxe lipsticks, right? Lina Choo is a new brand to me and is now available on Beautylish, and they’ve debuted with six shades of The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipsticks. They’re all named after famous artists, from Botticelli to Da Vinci to Van Gogh, and they come in colorful yet wearable shades.


The packaging of these lipsticks is just stunning. They’re housed in a weighty black tube with gold detailing that has a satisfying magnetic closure. The brand’s logos are etched into the gold tube and also into the lipstick bullet itself. They feel nice to hold and have a good, balanced weight to make application easy - if those kinds of things are important to you.


The formula is what really blew me away. They’re described as a velvet matte, but I’d say there’s a bit of a satin finish instead. They’re not completely matte on me, but rather have a tiny bit of sheen, and I really like that. They’re incredibly creamy and pigmented, giving full pigmentation with one swipe. They don’t catch on dry patches on initial application, and they continue feeling comfortable and actually quite moisturizing throughout the day. They feel like they have a little bit of slip like a lip balm would, but rubbing your lips together doesn’t shift the color. Rather, the color doesn’t budge at all. I can’t believe how long these last on my lips without fading at all, especially for such a creamy formula. I can apply these in the morning and they’re still totally intact by the end of the day, even after eating and drinking. They also stain the lips a little (as well as my arm after doing these swatches), so that probably helps the longevity.

The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipsticks come in six shades: Andersen (a bright coral pink), Shakespeare (a true classic red), Da Vinci (a deep brick red), Botticelli (a peachy pink), Duras (a cool mauve-y pink), and Van Gogh (a punchy orange-red). I think they would be flattering on a variety of skintones because of their intense pigmentation. My favorites are Shakespeare and Duras.

Have you tried The Great Artist Lipsticks yet? What’s your favorite luxe lipstick formula?

*Lina Choo The Great Artist Velvet Matte Lipsticks have been kindly gifted by the brand, but all opinions are my own.

Review | Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere Radiance-Perfecting Foundation


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a foundation review on here, and I think this one was worth the wait. Everyone’s been talking about the new Hourglass Foundation lately, but there’s a different new foundation on the scene that really caught my eye. I’ve always been a fan of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizers (some of my earliest posts here featured it), and I had been meaning to try a foundation from the brand for awhile. When their newest foundation was released, I knew it would be the one for me just based on the name - “Flawless Lumiere Radiance-Perfecting Foundation.” It promises a “weightless, medium-to-full coverage, perfectly-glowing finish in any light.”


I use the shade 1C0 Cameo (which was also my shade in the Tinted Moisturizer), and it’s a great match for me. It comes in 30 shades in a variety of undertones, and there seems to be a good distribution of shades among those 30. Its consistency sits between thick and thin - it holds its shape when pumped out and doesn’t run down my hand, but it spreads easily over the skin and doesn’t drag. It interestingly feels like a burst of hydration when I initially start working it into my skin, which I’ve never experienced with a foundation before. I apply it with a dense buffing brush (this one), and it blends it out super easily and quickly. At this time I don’t have any makeup sponges, so I haven’t tried applying it with one, but I will report back once I do!

I have to make sure my skin has been well-moisturized (but maybe this is because it’s winter) before applying, specifically with an oil or an oil-based moisturizer. This makes the foundation glide on more easily and ensures it doesn’t look dry on my skin. When first applied, it has more of a satin finish on me that grows more radiant within about an hour - once that hour is over, that’s pretty much the level of radiance it will have all day. I typically don’t set it with powder until this hour is up, otherwise it makes it look too dry. The finish is just stunning - it seems to gloss over every imperfection and really blurs out my pores. I’d say they’re correct on describing the coverage, too - it sits somewhere between medium and full. I like to apply a thin layer all over, and then I’ll pat on a little more on areas where I need more coverage. It layers beautifully this way and doesn’t pick up on itself or get cakey. It’s been lasting a full workday on me without getting patchy or fading unevenly. It will wear away a little where I touch my face a lot throughout the day (I’m working on that bad habit), but it doesn’t leave noticeable patches.

A closeup look at the foundation - this is a light layer. Bronzer/blush/highlight are from the Hourglass Volume III Palette, lips are NUDESTIX Sin.

A closeup look at the foundation - this is a light layer. Bronzer/blush/highlight are from the Hourglass Volume III Palette, lips are NUDESTIX Sin.

This has instantly become one of my favorite foundations - I could probably get rid of all of my other foundations and be just fine. I’d feel confident wearing this for a special occasion as well as every day. I just really love how it still manages to look like glowy, healthy skin, despite offering a higher coverage than I’m used to. It’s really been making me feel more confident while I’m waiting for all these Christmas-chocolate-induced breakouts on my chin to clear up.

Have you tried the Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation?

2018 Favorites: The Makeup


Since I’ve been posting my 2018 favorites on Instagram this week, I thought I’d dust off the old blog and post them here as well - this way, I can give some insight into why these were my favorite products this year. Because this started as just making pretty flatlays for Instagram, I didn’t really do any narrowing-down of my lists, so even though they’re split into three parts, they’re still pretty hefty. So grab a snack and settle in!

My makeup style hasn’t really changed in quite awhile - looking at my 2017 Makeup Favorites, I still use and love all of those products. My 2018 favorites are still glowy, and creamy, and quite pink-toned. I tried to keep my favorites to things I discovered in 2018, otherwise it would just be a repeat of 2017!


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter - I put off buying this for part of the year because I wasn’t sure what it was. But oh man is it beautiful. I use it underneath my foundation as a primer and it leaves the most beautiful glowy sheen to the skin that still shows through foundation.

Lancome Skin Feels Good Hydrating Skin Tint - This was by far the standout base product of the year for me. The lightest shade is too dark for me so I specifically bought a white mixer so I could still wear it. It’s smoothing, really glowy, has good coverage for being labeled a “skin tint,” and it has good lasting power on me.

MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer* - This concealer feels weightless, blends in like skin, and has great coverage and longevity. A win all-around.

Ohii Glass Powder* - This powder stole the show for me this year. I’m usually not even that big into powder, but this one looks invisible on the skin, diminishes shine but leaves a glow, and sets my makeup well.



MAC Eyebrows Styler in Stylized* - I’ve always loved these kinds of skinny brow pencils the most, and I’ll never go back to another one after trying this. It has buildable pigmentation so you can go for a soft brow or something more bold, and it lasts forever. I wore this for my wedding and also have had it last perfectly through super sweaty kickboxing classes.

Glossier Lidstars* - I had totally forgotten these launched last year. I’ve been using them so often it feels like they’ve been part of my collection for years. These are the easiest eyeshadows to just swipe on and go. I like that they’re on the sheer side so they’re more subtle and suitable for my everyday look. They also work really well as eyeshadow primers - I have super creasy eyelids and these keep that at bay for me - I used Cub underneath powder eyeshadows for my wedding!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork - this is a recent addition but I can definitely see myself using up the whole pot. It blends easily and stays put forever. Groundwork is the perfect shade to just add a hint of definition without being “oh shes’ wearing eyeshadow.”

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad in Pillow Talk - If I suddenly had to get rid of all of my eyeshadow palettes except one, I would save this one. The pinky-nude shades are super flattering on my skin and my favorite kinds of colors to wear. As with all CT shadows, they are soft, buildable, blendable, and long-lasting.

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara - This makes my eyelashes look like those super fluffy, over-the-top lash extensions, and I love it. It stays put without smudging, holds a curl, and the fibers don’t get into my eyes.

Glossier Lash Slick* - This is my go-to on more natural days. If the Milk looks like dramatic lash extensions, then this looks like more subtle extensions. The real magic? Pairing the two together. I put the Milk on first for the fluffiness and volume, and then comb the Glossier over it for definition and extra length. I wore the pair for my wedding (sense a theme here?) and didn’t smudge at all - and I cried a lot.



Laura Mercier Blush Colour Infusion in Rose - This is such a pretty blush. The color is the perfect flush on me, and the formula practically blends itself. I really need to look into picking up another shade or two.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm* - Cloud Paints were my blush favorite of 2017, but the new shade Storm that dropped last year became my favorite of the lineup. It’s the prettiest warm rose shade that looks a little like mixing Dusk and Haze. It leaves the prettiest flush that looks like you’ve been out in the cold.

Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tints - Probably my favorite cream blush formula. It feels a little dry to the touch at first in the pan, but it blends so seamelssly over the skin. I have the shades Petal (a pretty everyday peachy pink) and Rosy (a more bold pink) and love them both.

Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheek Sticks* - These are usually my everyday go-to’s because they’re so easy to use. They’re compact and travel well, and they’re easy to blend out with fingers on the go. They leave a beautiful dewy finish on the skin without being tacky, and they last a super long time.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - Can you believe I never tried this until last year? The bronzing side is probably my all-time favorite bronzer now. It’s the perfect in-between shade that both sculpts the face and adds some warmth without being orange on me.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Highlighter in Nude - I only just got this for Christmas, but I got the original Skin Fetish set when it was limited edition and am just happy I can talk about it again. This leaves the glossiest glow on the skin without being sticky at all. It’s definitely worth the money in my opinion (again, I got this as a gift, but I did by the original myself, so…)

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette - This was actually an impulse buy last year, but it became one of my most-reached for products. The shades can be applied lightly for a glossy-looking glow, or they can be layered on for a stronger mirrorlike sheen. I use all four shades in the palette, too.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand Highlighter - This might be the most beautiful highlighter I own. It leaves such a glassy sheen on the skin that truly looks lit from within. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, but the formula is so lovely and sets down so your hair isn’t getting stuck in it all day or anything.

NARS Highlighting Powder in Capri - This also leaves a glossy look to the skin (my favorite kind of highlighter, obviously). The formula is smooth and easy to layer and blend, and Capri is the perfect pink/fair/champagne shade for me.



Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Sandwash Pink - I had to include this because it was my wedding lipstick! The formula is beautifully creamy and comfortable, but still has good lasting power. Sandwash Pink is the most perfect neutral-pink-brown, hands-down.

Lancome L’Absolu Lacquer in Infra-Rose - I fell hard for this formula last year. One layer is a little sheer and a little glossy, but you can add another layer for an opaque, glassy finish. Despite being a glossy formula it lasts such a long time without transferring or sliding all over the place. I layered this over Sandwash Pink for my wedding reception, and the whole thing was still intact when I washed my makeup off at 3am.

Bite Beauty French Press Lip Gloss in Dirty Chai - I’m really hoping Bite makes these coffee-scented lip glosses permanent. They feel like a balm on the lips, wear off evenly, and aren’t sticky. Dirty Chai is such a pretty warm rose color that doesn’t pull orange on me. I ordered a backup because I’m for sure going to finish this one.

ILIA Color Block Lipstick in Rosette - This is probably one of the most comfortable lipstick formulas I’ve ever tried. It glides on effortlessly and just feels like a balm, while still packing tons of pigment. Rosette is the same exact color as my lips, so naturally I’ve reached for it almost every day since I got it.

Pixi x Chloe Morello Lip Icing in Cake* - This was my everday go-to at the beginning of the year, and now I need to start wearing it again. Again, it has a balmy feeling rather than a sticky gloss feeling, it’s packed with shimmer that doesn’t feel gritty and makes the lips look plumper, and it smells like lemon cake (which is a nice change from vanilla scented everything). Definitely worth picking up!

Thanks so much if you’re still here - I know that was a lot! What were your makeup favorites of the year?

This post contains affiliate links. Products marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own.

How to Look More Awake on Early Mornings


I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier lately - not only do I try to get in to work by 7am (and my commute is at least 40 minutes), but I also like having some spare time in the morning to sit with Olive while she’s sleepy and cuddly. So while I’m getting in more prime puppy cuddles, I’m also having to work a little harder to not look absolutely exhausted. I’ve found this quick 6-step routine always makes me look a little more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Cooling/Depuffing Eye Cream

When I’m tired, it mostly shows in the puffiness of my eyes. I like layering a cooling and depuffing eye cream on before I start my makeup. Usually these are quite lightweight, so they work well underneath concealer. My favorite is the Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb - it’s lightweight yet still creamy, and it works incredibly well at depuffing for me. I even find it helps to minimize dehydration lines under my eyes with just one use, so concealer applies more smoothly on top.

Undereye Corrector/Brightener

My biggest problem is puffiness rather than dark circles, but I do find my undereyes get a bit more shadowy when I’m tired. I like layering a lightweight brightener/corrector under my concealer to cancel out any darkness. I love the Ohii Wake Up Pen* in the shade Peach - it’s a sheer peachy tone that counteracts blue undereye circles, and it has a soft sheen that diffuses and reflects light, making the area look less dark. It has a thin consistency that blends into the skin easily and sits well underneath concealer.

Hydrating, Skinlike Concealer

There’s nothing worse than cakey undereyes when you’re trying to look more awake and alert. A hydrating and skinlike concealer will sit better on dryness and fine lines. Usually these formulas aren’t full coverage, but paired with the brightener/corrector, it shouldn’t be a problem. I really like the First Aid Beauty Bendy Avocado Concealer* for my undereyes - it’s very creamy and hydrating and mimics the look of skin, and it still has pretty good coverage. I’d say it’s medium coverage rather than full. It also works well all over the face, if you were wondering.


Invisible Powder

Sometimes more hydrating concealer formulas tend to settle into undereye creases, but this can be remedied by setting with powder. Since you’re taking so much care to keep the undereyes hydrated, though, you’ll want a formula that’s weightless, invisible, and non-cakey. The Ohii Glass Powder* is one of the best I’ve tried - you truly can’t see it on the skin, it doesn’t dull a glow, it’s incredibly blurring (further helping any fine lines you may have under your eyes), and it really does set the makeup. (Heads-up, right now there’s a duo available with the Wake Up Pen & Glass Powder!)

Brightening Champagne Eyeshadow

Now that the undereyes are taken care of, another thing you can do is choose a reflective, brightening eyeshadow in some kind of champagne shade (or perhaps a gold/bronze if you have a deeper skintone) - basically, something that’s a similar tone to your skin but shiny. This will make you look more awake and help to open up the eyes. I like Liar Liar by Colourpop - it’s cheap but a beautiful buttery formula, and the shade is the most perfect slightly pink champagne tone for me. Another tip is to bring it into the inner corners of your eyes to really brighten things up.

Lengthening/Defining Mascara

Speaking of opening up the eyes, the last step is to curl your eyelashes (if you’ve never done it before, it makes SUCH a difference!) and use a lengthening mascara. This combo really gives the illusion that your eyes are open wider, making you look more awake. My favorite mascara for this is hands-down the Glossier Lash Slick - it gives crazy length and definition and looks like you have eyelash extensions in, and it doesn’t smudge at all. This is the only mascara I can use on my bottom lashes, and on days I want a more dramatic mascara, I’ll still layer Lash Slick over the top to make sure every lash is separated and defined, and it keeps everything from smudging.

What are your top tips for looking more awake?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been sent to me, but all opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links.