MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks | Review + Swatches


One of my favorite things about the beauty world is watching trends evolve. First everything was all about the super opaque and precise matte liquid lip look, and now we’re coming around to more sheer stains and glosses. MAC’s new Powder Kiss Lipsticks are coming at a perfect time - they promise a soft, weightless, velvety finish perfect for a blurred lip stain straight from the runway, that you can wear every day.

When I first saw the photos of these lipsticks, I was immediately intrigued. The bullets themselves looked SO matte that they seem like they could be powders pressed into a lipstick bullet shape. They also come in a rubberized matte tube - think NARS packaging. I’m all about a more sheer, worn-in lip look so the Powder Kiss Lipsticks seemed perfect for me.

When first swatching these I was surprised at how easily they glided onto my lips/skin. They truly feel velvety and are like nothing I’ve ever tried. They feel so lightweight as you apply them and while wearing them - it’s almost like you can’t feel them at all. They’re not quite as pigmented as MAC’s regular matte lipsticks, and they have a soft-focus finish to them that makes them look like a lipstain once applied. Weartime has been good for me, a few hours if I’m not eating, and they’re easy to blend back into place as they wear away, too. I’m surprised something with such a matte finish doesn’t feel dry on the lips - they almost feel like you’re wearing a lightweight balm, so even my prone-to-dryness lips stay hydrated throughout wearing them. They apply best on dry lips (with no balm), otherwise they can tend to go a little patchy. And just as a heads-up - the scent is a little different than most MAC lipsticks here: it’s like the normal MAC lipstick vanilla scent, mixed with a little bit of rubber (?), which isn’t great, but the scent doesn’t transfer to the lips. I just love the finish of these - it’s like you spent a lot of time blurring and blotting down your regular full-coverage lipstick, and you’re left with this beautiful blotted stain.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks come in 16 shades (descriptions from MAC’s website)::

 MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks in (top to bottom) Devoted to Chili, Fall in Love, Lasting Passion, Impulsive, Sultriness, Style Shocked, Influentially It, Burning Love, Sweet No Sugar, Scattered Petals, My Tweedy, Shocking Revelation, Mull it Over, Mandarin O, Best of Me, A Little Tamed

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks in (top to bottom) Devoted to Chili, Fall in Love, Lasting Passion, Impulsive, Sultriness, Style Shocked, Influentially It, Burning Love, Sweet No Sugar, Scattered Petals, My Tweedy, Shocking Revelation, Mull it Over, Mandarin O, Best of Me, A Little Tamed

Devoted to Chili - warm brick red

Fall in Love - bright creamy fuschia

Lasting Passion - clean bright red

Impulsive - warm brown

Sultriness - baby blue pink

Style Shocked - clean red orange

Influentially It - nude beige

Burning Love - deepened red wine

Sweet, No Sugar - clean warm pink

Scattered Petals - pale clean pink

My Tweedy - blushy nude

Shocking Revelation - clean blue red

Mull it Over - dirty peach

Mandarin O - bright creamy salmon pink

Best of Me - pale milky beige

A Little Tamed - midtone pink

My favorite shades have been a mix of Sultriness and Devoted to Chili for daytime, and Burning Love for more special occasions. The MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks are out now and are $19. Will you be trying them?

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks were sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own.

The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Look


Few shades of beauty products have reached the instant fame and cult-status as Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk shade has. The shade first showed up in her Lip Cheat, quickly becoming an iconic favorite for being a universally-flattering pink nude that helped to sculpt and shape the lips. She then followed by making it into a Matte Revolution Lipstick (which I ordered the second it became available). And now she's done it again, adding to the Pillow Talk collection with a new Luxury Palette eyeshadow quad and a Cheek to Chic Blush.


The eyeshadow quads and “swish and pop” blushes have been favorite formulas of mine for awhile, so it’s no surprise that I’m absolutely in love with these two new additions. Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadows are some of my favorites - they perfectly toe the line between creamy and soft, hitting that sweet spot between too dense and too powdery. They’re buildable shadows, so they can be applied as a sheer wash or built up to something more intense, and they layer on top of themselves easily with no fallout. These eyeshadows are also some of the longest lasting on me - I always use a primer of course, but there’s no creasing or fading at the end of a long day (they even last through my kickboxing class, which is the ultimate test for me). The shades in the Pillow Talk quad just completely speak to me - the setup is the same as her other quads, with the “Prime, Enhance, Smoke, and Pop” shades. Prime is a soft pink champagne that brightens the eyes and also doubles as a lovely inner corner highlight. Enhance is a pinky brown matte that adds soft definition to the crease. Smoke is a deeper pink-brown that’s perfect for adding some depth to the outer corners or smoking out an eyeliner. The Pop shade might be my favorite, a lovely rose gold glitter that I’ve been packing on with my finger. I haven’t gone a day without wearing these shadows since they were delivered - they’re so wearable, and I could definitely see myself finishing this palette.

 T-B | Liner, Lipstick, Blush outer, Blush inner, Eyeshadow Prime, Enhance, Smoke, & Pop

T-B | Liner, Lipstick, Blush outer, Blush inner, Eyeshadow Prime, Enhance, Smoke, & Pop

The blush is also a beautiful formula. The other shade I have is First Love, which is a light peach, so using the darker nude shade of Pillow Talk made me realize how pigmented these blushes really are. I simply need to tap my brush in the compact once to have more than enough product for my cheeks. The Pillow Talk Blush shade is the absolute perfect pinky nude that adds both a flush of color and definition to the cheeks. Rather than another blush color in the center, the Pillow Talk Blush houses a rose gold highlight instead. Some days I mix the two together, and others I apply the outer ring as my blush and the inner circle as my highlight. They’re both beautiful, finely milled powders that blend over the cheeks seamlessly.

To complete the whole look I of course had to use as many other Charlotte Tilbury products as I could. One thing I love about her line is how well the products all work together. I started with the Hollywood Flawless Filter as a primer to give my skin a glow, and then followed up with the Light Wonder Foundation. This left the glowiest base and a pair I’ll keep using again and again. I don’t have a Charlotte Tilbury concealer (do I need the Retoucher or her new one?), so I used the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer. I also don’t have any CT brow products, so here I used a base layer of Glossier Boy Brow in Brown and then filled in sparse areas with the MAC Eyebrow Styler in Stylized. I used the Glossier Lidstar in Slip as an eyeshadow primer and then applied all four shades of the Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk - Prime all over my lids and in the inner corners, Enhance in the crease, Smoke on the outer corners, and then dabbed Pop on the center of my eyelids. Again, I don’t have a CT mascara, so I used Milk Makeup Kush Mascara on my top lashes and Glossier Lash Slick on the bottom. To sculpt my face a little I used the contour side of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette (I forgot how much I LOVED this), and I went in with the outer ring of the Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk in sort of a draping-shape. I tapped on a little bit of the Beauty Light Wand highlighter to the high points of my face and then dusted over it with the inner portion of the Pillow Talk Blush. Lips were finished off with, of course, the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat and Matte Revolution Lipsticks. I’m in love with how this look came out, and frankly I’m a little offended that Charlotte didn’t release these products before my wedding - I definitely would have used them!


So the new Pillow Talk additions are a definite win for me - so much so that I’ve been contemplating picking up a backup of the eyeshadow quad when it comes back in stock. The Pillow Talk products are exclusive to (you can get the full collection or the blush & eyeshadow duo as well) and are limited edition.

Have you tried them yet?

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What to Buy in the Sephora Sale | 10 Recommendations


I feel like I only just wrote a Sephora recommendations post, but there are so many more new favorites that I need to tell you about before the next sale! Sephora seems to have bumped up their VIB Sale - it's usually in November, but it starts August 24th for VIB Rouge and August 30th for VIB/Beauty Insiders. If you're like me and are panicking a bit because you thought you had more time to save up, here are a few current favorites that I think are worth picking up in the sale.


Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water* | I've only had this for a week, but I'm already hooked. I love a good fancy face water, and this one amps up the glow, smells like oranges, hydrates the skin, and gives it a good refresher throughout the day. The mist is beautiful and fine, delivering a fine veil rather than a sticky stream. It's alcohol-free so it won't dry you out over time, and I've really noticed it giving me a brighter and peppier appearance than other face mists. There's also a mini that's perfect for throwing in your bag for on-the-go refreshers.

Smashbox Photo Finish PrimerizerThis isn't a new release, but something I've been using consistently since I first bought it and would repurchase again and again. It's a thin, serum-y consistency that instantly plumps up the skin and leaves a moisturized, glowy finish. It makes my makeup go on so much better on top - nothing ever looks dry or cakey when worn over this primer. This is the primer that turned me into a primer-believer, too, so that's saying something. It really does make my makeup last longer, because my issue with longevity was always my skin getting dehydrated and drinking up my foundation. Now this hydrates my skin enough so that doesn't happen.

Bite Beauty French Press Lip Gloss in Dirty Chai | I've seen people raving about these glosses lately, and for good reason. They're one of the most non-lipgloss-feeling lipglosses I've ever used, if that makes sense. They feel more like a balm on the lips than a gloss, but they still give a beautiful shine. All the colors look beautiful, but I'm head over heels for Dirty Chai, a warm rose that is quite similar to my natural lip color. It's more pigmented than I was expecting it to be, but it still lets a little of my natural lip color show through, so it looks very natural. I've been pairing it with the Bite Lip Pencil in 016 too, if you're looking for a perfect match.

Origins Mega Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Face MaskThis quickly became one of my favorite masks after I bought it in the spring. It's a creamy mask (it feels like a thick moisturizer) that feels so comforting and soothing on the skin. It's not exactly cooling, but it takes away redness and irritation right away for me. This has been so great for summer mornings when I wake up feeling a little dehydrated and heat rash-y. I love popping it on on a weekend morning, going about my chores, and then rinsing my face with cool water to get rid of any remaining mask that hasn't sunk into my skin. It leaves my skin plump, clear, and hydrated.


Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* | This has to be my favorite clay mask I own. It uses a combination of papaya enzymes, pink clay, coffee, and grape marc to detoxify, brighten, and purify the skin so pores appear smaller and skin is smoother. This really does give instant results for me without drying out my skin like other clay masks I've tried. It actually really reminds me of the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask - it looks, smells, and feels so similar. It's a thinner consistency than other clay masks, forming a flexible film as it dries rather than a thick, caked-on layer, so it doesn't feel super tight as it dries, and it's easy to rinse off. If you're in need of a new clay mask that won't strip your skin, look here!

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume MascaraI don't know how this didn't get included in my last recommendations post, because it's been tied for my #1 favorite mascara since it came out. I was skeptical because I usually don't like fiber mascaras (the fibers usually fall into and irritate my eyes), but the fibers in this stay put and give the lashes a super fluffy, full appearance. It really looks like I've gotten a nice set of fluffy lash extensions when I wear this mascara. I'm going to be repurchasing this in the sale. 


Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush* | I just got this for free through Octoly recently, but it's already become such a staple in my haircare routine that I wanted to recommend it to you, too. Since it's a pricier item, it's definitely a good idea to get it during the sale! My hair is quite frizzy and in between wavy and curly, but I'm too lazy to really do any styling. Most days I would just put it up in a messy bun and call it a day. But the Straightening Brush makes it so easy - it would normally take me at least 20 minutes to straighten my hair, but I can now get it done in 5. Instead of dividing my hair into four sections to work through, I only need to do two. It straightens my hair easily, and while it doesn't leave it as pin-straight as a flatiron would, I actually prefer the way the brush makes my hair look - like I didn't try too hard. 

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask* | This is another product I got free through Octoly and fell in love with. It's a thin, jellylike consistency that you can really feel working (read: it tingles a lot). It's a mask full of natural AHAs (fruit enzymes) and BHA (willowbark), as well as calming ingredients like blue tansy oil and aloe leaf, so it is a powerful chemical exfoliator that won't irritate your skin. Despite the tingling, I find my skin is much less red after I remove this mask than it is before I apply it. It leaves my skin super soft and smooth, and I find it doesn't feel as sensitized as it does after I use something like Babyfacial. 

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter EyeshadowIf you're like me and have been pouring one out for the Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadows, hop on over to Hourglass and pick up one of their newest releases. These have the same not-quite-cream, yet not-quite-powder consistency and are filled with the most beautiful sparkles that don't feel chunky or gritty. I have the shade Aura right now, which is a beautiful pink shade, but I've got my eye on the champagne shade and will definitely get it in the sale if it doesn't sell out! These apply easily with a finger for a sheer wash of color, or they can be built up to be quite dramatic and metallic with a brush. They also stay very well on my creasy eyelids - I do need to prime them, but this lasts all day even when I just use concealer and powder to do that.

Pat McGrath Labs Lust Lip GlossI know I already put a lipgloss on this list, but I'm really having a gloss moment and this has to be one of the most beautiful gloss formulas I've ever tried. It's creamy, not too thick, not sticky at all, and it smells like frosting. They have just the perfect amount of pigmentation too - pigmented enough to show up over more pigmented lips, but not so much that it looks goopy or collects in lip lines or the corners of the mouth. I have the shade Flesh Fantasy which is the perfect everyday pinky-brown, and I already have two more sitting in my cart for the sale - a more rosy shade as well as the pink duochrome one.

What do you think you'll get in the Sephora Sale?

Info via Trendmood: The Sephora Sale starts on August 24th for VIB Rouge - 20% off with the code YESROUGE, and it starts on August 30th for VIB & Beauty Insiders - 15% off with YESVIB and 10% off with YESINSIDER.

Products marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

The Sunburned Blush Look


While I certainly don't love getting a real sunburn, this summer I've been all about the sunburned cheek look. Wearing a blush to make you look like you maybe slightly overdid it in the sun is actually such a flattering look in my opinion - it gives the skin some life and color, and for me, it makes me look healthier. The key here is to look for blush shades that have a bit of a red tone to them and formulas that make themselves one with the skin. I like to apply these kinds of shades pretty much all over my cheeks, and even a little on the bridge of my nose, to really amp up that sunkissed/burned look.

 T-B | Glossier Storm, Dawn, Onomie Tamar, Nudestix Naughty n' Spice, Milk Makeup Werk, bareMinerals Strike a Rose

T-B | Glossier Storm, Dawn, Onomie Tamar, Nudestix Naughty n' Spice, Milk Makeup Werk, bareMinerals Strike a Rose

Glossier Cloud Paints in Storm & Dawn | I'm sure it's no surprise there are Cloud Paints included here. Glossier's two newest shades of the fingerpaint/blush are perfect for this kind of look. They're much brighter/deeper than their first four shades, making them great for a more dramatic blushed look for summer.  Storm is a deep, warm rose that instantly makes you look like you've come in out of the sun or you've spent the whole morning doing some intense cardio. Dawn is a stunning bright orange coral that gives an even more sunkissed look - definitely the one to go for if you want to look more "bronzed" instead of burned. The Cloud Paints of course are a thin, gel-like liquid blush that instantly becomes seamless with the skin, making it look like it's your own natural flush. (As always, you can get 20% off your first Glossier order through my rep link!)

Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheek Stick in Tamar | I've fallen hard for these lip and cheek sticks again, and I've been using at least one of them in every makeup routine lately. The formula is so creamy and leaves a beautiful dewy look on the skin, but they don't move around or wear away quickly. They're quite a bit more pigmented than you'd expect for a "makeup/skincare" product, so you really only need to dab on a bit and blend. The shade Tamar is a lovely wine shade that adds the perfect flush to the skin - it's a little bit brown and a little bit red, so it's great for looking like you've been in the sun.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk | Another new shade - Milk's chubby sticks for lips and cheeks have always been a favorite formula of mine, but there was never a shade I constantly wanted to reach for until they brought out Werk, which is a dusty rose. On me, it has enough warmth and enough of a red tone to give that perfect mix of a little bit tanned and yet a little bit pink. In the sun I only turn pink, so this is an upgrade for me. The formula is creamy and easy to apply and blend, making it a go-to for summer when you just want to get out the door and get to the beach or something.


NUDESTIX Nudies All Over Face Color in Naughty N' Spice | This is another creamy formula that becomes one with the skin. I love the Nudies formula because it's quite thin, so it really does sink into the skin, feels weightless, and it moves with the skin without sliding around. Naughty N' Spice is a similar dusty rose shade to Milk's Werk, although it's a little more vibrant (less "dusty"). It adds a really nice natural flush to the skin and looks a little more red (on my skin) than Milk's Werk.

bareMinerals Gen Nude Blush in Strike a Rose | This is the only powder blush on this list, but this really speaks to how lovely and skinlike the formula is. When you swatch these blushes they almost feel like a cream to the touch, and I've found that no matter what brush I use, the perfect amount gets picked up every time for a soft wash of color on the cheeks. Strike a Rose is, you guessed it, a warm rose shade that perks up the complexion and looks like a shade a lot of people would naturally blush. This one is perfect for summer because it's the most long-lasting (because it's a powder), so it won't melt off your face on a hot day. 

What are your favorite blushes for a more "sunburned" look?


Loving Lately | June Makeup Favorites


Long time no favorites post, right? Since I haven't done a Favorites in a couple months, there are too many products I want to write about to fit into one post. So part one, The Makeup, is today! I can't believe we're already halfway through the year - it's certainly flown by and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Here's hoping I can actually get more time to sit and pump out a few more posts than I've been able to lately. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless FilterIf you're a fan of glowy skin, run, don't walk and pick this up. I put off buying this for awhile because I wasn't really sure what it was, but the reason it can be confusing it because it literally does it all. Wear it all over the face as a glowy primer, mix into foundations to make them dewier, or apply to the high points of your face after foundation for a subtle highlight with no shimmer. It works equally well at all three, which is usually quite rare. My favorite way to wear it is by mixing it with other products (are you surprised?). I stripe it on all over my face, concentrating it on the high points of my face, and then I go straight in to my foundation without blending the Flawless Filter first. This was a bit of an impulse buy, but it's become my favorite product from Charlotte Tilbury that I've tried.

Charlottle Tilbury Light Wonder FoundationSpeaking of Charlotte Tilbury, I've fallen back in love with the Light Wonder Foundation. I don't know why I ever stopped using this for a second, because it truly is the most beautiful foundation I own. It gives a good amount of coverage (light, bordering on medium) and yet is totally undetectable on the skin. Seriously, usually you can see foundation sitting on my skin just a little bit, but not with this one. It becomes one with the skin and gives the perfect glow. It lasts pretty well on me, too.

MAC Eyebrow Styler* | I don't change up my eyebrow products often, so when I do, you know the products are great. I got a box from MAC last month full of eyebrow products, and I instantly fell for the Eyebrow Styler. It's a skinny pencil with a spoolie on one end, which is normally the type of brow product I go for. The shade Stylized is perfect for me - it's an ashy brown that almost has a bit of a green tone to it, which surprisingly works really well with my skin and hair color. It's quite pigmented but easily blends when brushed out and lasts so well. I wore it in my brows for my wedding!

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter, 'Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal' | This one was influenced by Joelle Hyman, one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I had this highlighter sitting in my collection for a couple months (I grabbed it when my sister decluttered it), but I always tend to reach for cream highlights over powders. Seeing Joelle talk about it reminded me what a beautiful product it was - it looks like a cream highlight once on the skin, so it's perfect for summer when you want the look of a glossy cream highlight, but you don't necessarily want the feel of one. I've been dipping into the Lightning Dust shade almost every day (with an Elf Highlighter Brush) and I'm obsessed.

Glossier Cloud Paint, 'Storm'* | Of course I had to include the newest Glossier launch. Out of the two new Cloud Paint shades, Storm is definitely my favorite and the shade I was waiting for. It's a warm rose-y brown that gives the perfect flush of color to the skin. I have to use a very light hand, but the result is always so lovely and fresh-faced. The Cloud Paints are my favorite blush formula anyway, so I'm happy to have this new addition to my collection.

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara + Glossier Lash Slick* | If you want fluffy, fluttery lashes that look like extensions/falsies and don't smudge at all, I'd definitely recommend trying this combo. The Kush Mascara gives a good dose of volume and really makes the lashes look soft and fluffy, and then combing the Lash Slick through after the Kush Mascara has dried really separates the lashes and lengthens and fans them out even more. Kush lasts pretty well on me on its own, but using the Glossier as a "top coat" really seals it in and makes it not smudge at all. I wore this pair for my wedding, and despite lots of happy tears and dancing until I was sweating, I didn't have mascara smudges under my eyes all night.

YSL Liquid Color BalmsYou can always tell I love a lip product if I buy it in multiple shades. I first bought the YSL Liquid Color Balm in shade #10, wore it twice, and loved it so much that I went back and got #12. They feel like water going onto the lips, are more pigmented than I was expecting, and look soft and balmy. It's such a good everyday lip product because it wears away evenly and leaves a subtle stain. I like that these aren't overly glossy, but they still seem to glide over lip lines and make the lips appear plumper.

Lancome L'Absolu LacquerI have since bought a second shade of the Lancome L'Absolu Lacquers after taking the photo for this post, too. These initially feel quite similar to the YSL Liquid Color Balms when applied to the lips - almost water-like and cooling, but they look quite different. These are a bit more pigmented, much more glossy, and yet feel weightless on the lips. It pretty much feels like you don't have anything on. My favorite thing about these, though, is their longevity. When applying them, they feel like they're not going to last very long, but they last hours and hours and even stay put through eating. When they do wear away, the glossiness fades first, and then the color evenly fades into a stain. If you're wanting a glossy bright punch-y color for summer, definitely go with one of these - they'll last you through barbeques and ice cream!

Bobbi Brown Lipstick, 'Sandwash Pink' | I had to mention this one because it was my wedding lipstick. I love the formula of Bobbi Brown Lipsticks - they don't feel too thick or heavy on the lips and yet have good pigmentation, leave a nice satin finish on the lips, and last well through eating and drinking. Sandwash Pink is the perfect neutral pink that makes it a lovely "my lips but better" shade. It showed up really well in wedding photos without drawing attention away from the rest of my bridal makeup look.

NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip BalmAnother impulse purchase that I thoroughly do not regret. I'll admit I was sucked into this by the packaging and also because it was the last one in my Sephora when I went to "just swatch it." But it's become one of my everyday go-tos. It gives the lips a nice wash of pink, and the golden shimmer running through it doesn't look foiled or frosty, but rather gives the lips a plumped, glossy sheen. The balm itself is lovely and actually hydrates the lips with NARS's Monoi Hydrating Complex. I've been reaching for it as my daytime lip balm no matter what other makeup I'm wearing!

What makeup bits have you been loving recently?

Products marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Bridal Makeup Picks | Everything I Wore For My Wedding


I've been promising this post for awhile, and now it's finally here. I just got married on Friday, and I did my own makeup. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I had quite the journey of figuring out everything I'd wear and what kind of look I'd do for the day. After a few trials and a lt of practice, I think everything went off without a hitch.


I started off with freshly washed and moisturized skin (let me know if you want a post on the skincare I was using in the lead-up to the wedding, too!) and applied a base layer of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. I never used to be a primer gal, but this one truly changed me. It sinks right into the skin but plumps up and hydrates it, which for me is key for getting my makeup to stay in place. I found my perfect foundation rather early in this whole process, and it was actually a mixture of two - I mixed equal parts Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation with the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (which has since been reformulated - I still used the old version). This combo gave me the perfect amount of luminosity, a skinlike finish, and great longevity. It lasted all night long. For concealer I went in and covered up any lingering patches of redness with the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer, which is my ultimate favorite. I love it so much that I couldn't even think of another one to even try when doing my makeup trials. Since it doesn't fully cover my acne scars, I took it a step further and spot concealed with the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer.

For my cheeks, I layered cream and powder products for optimum longevity. I started with a base of the Glossier Cloud Paints* in Dusk and Puff, using Dusk in places where I'd bronze and contour, and Puff on the apples of my cheeks where I was going to apply blush. I also used the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand as an initial layer of highlight - this is one of the prettiest highlighters I own, so I had to make use of it on the day. As for powders, I contoured with a bit of the Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush in Grisaille, which is a beautiful cool-toned brown in an easy-to-use, buildable formula. I also went for a Surratt Artistique Blush as my blush shade, dipping into La Vie En Rose - I almost went for a lighter shade, but I'm glad I chose something a little deeper that stood out in photos. To blend together the blush and contour, I added a bit of the Guerlain Terracotta Sun Trio Bronzer. Then I dusted a bit of the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in 01 Highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and browbones - this is probably the best highlight for brides. It's super subtle and gives you a lit-from-within glow. I finished off the skin with a veil of the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder through the center of my face.


I knew I wanted a more feathered, less blocky brow look, so I started with a layer of the Glossier Boy Brow in Brown and followed it with the MAC Eyebrows Styler in Stylized.* I only just got the brow pencil last week, but I instantly fell for the formula and application. It's waterproof, and it lasted all night without smudging. For my eyes, I was feeling a slight rose gold look, but I also wanted to throw in some cool tones since they're more flattering on my skin. To combine those two things together, I used the Glossier Lidstar in Cub as the base for my eyeshadows - it not only gave my whole eyeshadow look a more rose-gold hue, but also worked beautifully as an eyeshadow primer and kept what I put on top from creasing all night. I went in on top with MAC Eyeshadows, dipping into the Cool Neutrals x15 Palette and a custom palette my sister made from me - I used mostly Quarry, Cork, and Naked Lunch from there. For a little extra sparkle, I patted a bit of the Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in Chimiere on the center of my eyelids. Rather than a harsh liquid line for eyeliner, which I don't feel is very flattering on me, I did a soft smoky wedge using the Colourpop Eyeliner in Brew-Haha topped with a dark brown shadow from the MAC Cool palette. For mascara I went a bit rogue, choosing to layer two formulas, neither of which was waterproof. I started with a layer of the Milk Makeup Kush Mascara because I just love how it makes me look like I have dramatic lash extensions - it makes them look super fluffy, fanned out, and voluminous. Then on top I combed through some Glossier Lash Slick to help separate any clumps, lengthen, and keep it from smudging. The longevity of these two blew me away - I was actually afraid I'd have to do an emergency waterproof mascara run the morning of the wedding, but these two ended up holding up perfectly, even when my husband broke down in tears during his vows, which made me cry a lot. The mascara didn't smudge at all throughout the night, holding up from about 2pm to 3am.

The last thing to apply was lipstick, and again, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know what a dilemma I was having - I attach a lot of sentimental value to lipsticks, so I kind of wanted a new one that I could forever remember as my "wedding lipstick." But I also wanted to wear something I knew I liked and would hold up well. In the end I found a compromise - I went with a Bobbi Brown Lipstick, which I knew was a formula that worked well for me, but I picked up a new shade, Sandwash Pink. It's such a perfect, classic neutral pink. I hear it's the one Kate Middleton wore for her wedding, which is what made me make a beeline for it when I went to Sephora with my sister for this quest for a wedding lipstick. It worked out so perfectly and is now my new favorite lipstick. I layered the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk underneath of course, and for the reception I topped it with the Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer in Infra Rose for something a little more fun - the shade looked lovely over Sandwash Pink, and it added a beautiful gloss that stayed put really well. I definitely need to run out and buy more shades now, because the formula is phenomenal.

So that's it! Everything I wore on my face for my wedding. What are your favorite makeup picks for special occasions? And are you with me on the wedding lipstick thing?

Products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.