Boston Haul: Taylor's Buys

Hi there!

I’m Taylor and I am Kelsey’s sister/shopping buddy. I’m currently living in Boston at my first semester at Northeastern! So Kelsey came to visit me this past Saturday, and I think it’s pretty obvious that old habits die hard and neither of us forgot how to shop together.

The first thing I picked up when we got into Sephora was the NailsInc Nail Polish in Holland Walk. It’s a dark berry color and I’m positively obsessed. I have it on my nails right now because I couldn’t wait. This nail polish is so smooth and thick and honestly looks like gel once it’s on. I was never one for the matte nail trend, so this is right up my alley.

The next splurge of the day was on the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in amethyst.  As mentioned I’ve only just started school and I haven’t quite kicked the sleeping-in habit that formed this summer. Because of this, I tend to not leave myself enough time in the morning to do a full winged-liner look, which is something I prefer for my eye shape (which is big. That is basically my eye shape.). However, this eye shadow solves all my problems. I can quickly draw it along my lash-line and smudge it out, still giving me definition with very little actual work. Plus the purple in the shadow enhances my green eyes and helps me look a little bit less exhausted. And once it sets it is not going anywhere. Like you better have a pretty awesome makeup remover for this baby.

Up next in the accidental berry-themed shopping trip was the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in (you guessed it) Berry. There’s a reason these are a crowd favorite- it has exceptional color payoff for a tinted lip balm but keeps my (usually dry and chapped) lips hydrated for hours. Worth literally every penny.

And last but not least was the true sister bonding product of the day, the Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop (of which Kelsey got the same color. But it went with my color scheme for the day and I’m sticking with the fact that she copied me.) . Now I am a huge fan of blush. I have more than is wholly necessary in a wide variety of colors and textures. But I’ve established that the most natural-blushing shades are my favorite. And this blush just hits it out of the park. Not only is the color natural, brightening, AND compliments my (extremely pale) skin tone, but the creamy consistency blends easily into the skin so it looks like nothing is there. I’ve only had a chance to wear it once and it’s already my favorite blush.

How much money do you spend when your sister comes to visit you at school even though you were trying to be really good about saving your money?