An Ode to the Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen

A few weeks ago, I picked up the Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen in the shade Rendezvous (1).  Since then I have not been able to put my makeup on without including this, and I have nothing but good things to report back on it.

Since I'm very pale, I automatically swatched the lightest color (besides the two "corrector shades"). On my hand, it looked quite pink-toned. Since my skin has cool undertones, I thought it would be a perfect match, and also thought the pink tone would be great to cancel out the bluish undereye circles I'm prone to. However, when putting this under my eyes for the first time, it actually looked quite neutral-to-yellow on me. My face must have much more pink in it than the back of my hands - something to remember for next time. Before I blended it in, I'll admit I was a bit disappointed. But remember above I said I had nothing but good things to say: it blended in so seamlessly that it was impossible to tell the undertone was slightly off for me. It's so pigmented that despite not being pink enough to "cancel" my dark circles, it covered them up so well. The yellow tone also acts as a lovely natural highlight, making my skin glow and making me look like I actually got a full night's sleep. It's so creamy that it's a dream to blend, yet doesn't budge or crease throughout the day.

Although this gives great coverage and is very brightening, I'd say my favorite part of this product is the metal-tipped applicator. I can't even describe how nice the cool tip feels when put on my puffy eye bags in the morning. I can instantly see a difference in the puffiness, even before blending. The clicker on the end of the pen to dispense the product is quite satisfying to use as well. I tend to use one click split between both eyes if I've had a decent night's sleep, or one click per eye if I wake up looking like a zombie. I apply most of the dispensed product under my eyes, but blend it down towards my nose in a triangle shape to take advantage of its lovely highlighting properties. This has definitely become an everyday staple for me and one I reach for even on the most minimal of makeup days.

Have you tried this concealer pen before? Do you have recommendations of other concealer pens I should try?