Multimasking with Lush

I don't know about you, but I love a good face mask. There's just something so relaxing and "treat yo-self" (any Parks and Rec fans out there?) about slathering goop on your face, sitting for ten minutes, and rinsing it off, leaving behind a completely new you!

I've recently fallen in love with the Lush Fresh Face Masks, probably because my sister lives close enough to a Lush store to pick them up for me (since they're fresh and have to be refrigerated, you can't get them online). I've already sung the praises of the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask (in my Current Skincare Loves post), but I've added another into the mix - Oatifix. Since the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask is more purifying and cleansing, I keep that to the center of my face - on and around my nose, chin, and the middle of my forehead - where I need its benefits more. The Oatifix mask is a new favorite because it's so nourishing and smells divine - it's got oatmeal to soothe, banana to soften, and ground almonds to slough away flakes. Since it's so lovely for dry skin, I've been using this around the outer perimeter of my face - my cheeks and the rest of my forehead not covered in the other mask. These areas of my face tend to be more dry and irritated/sensitive, so this mask has been excellent for smoothing and soothing.

Using a combination of masks ensures that all my skin's needs are sorted and leaves me with a glowing, clean, and moisturized complexion. 

Do you use more than one mask at once? What's your favorite combination?