New In From Revlon

Recently I've been perusing the "new-in" stands at the drugstore for things that looked interesting that I could maybe review. Two products that piqued my interest are new releases from Revlon.

The first is the Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash in Topaz Twinkle. I think they're riding on the success of their double-ended nail polishes because this packaging is the same. You get a cream/liquid eyeshadow on one end, to be applied with a doe-foot applicator, and a glitter eyeliner on the other, applied with a brush. When I first put this on I noticed the eyeshadow applied kind of patchy and took some work to blend, but once it was blended it looked beautiful. It's a bit of a champagne/rose gold color, without the warmth or brassiness of a pure copper color. I didn't wear it with a primer and it lasted a full 8 hours with no creasing. I was seriously impressed. The glitter side was also surprisingly lovely. The glitter was noticeable, but not opaque - this is ok with me because with such a pale glitter, I'd want to put it over a darker liner anyway. It didn't irritate my sensitive, watery eyes or flake off, and it was easy to remove at the end of the day. This is definitely a great option for holiday parties - I'm thinking of lining my lower lashline with this for my next Christmas party.

The other new product is the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer. All of the colors looked beautiful, but in the end I chose Garnet. The name is a little misleading, because this is actually a purple/pink shade rather than a red. I was a little disappointed when I first saw that this has a brush rather than a doe-foot applicator, but it's actually very easy to use and puts on the perfect amount of product. The brush is sturdy enough to apply the product neatly and precisely - I can pretty much line my lips with it. One the lips, it has an interesting "cushion-y" feel, much like the Maybelline Color Elixirs. The pigmentation is incredible and opaque with a high shine. I was afraid the shine would be too over-the-top, but I was comfortable enough in it to wear it to work. It feels super nourishing on the lips as well. It doesn't bleed at all and lasts a few hours, usually until I start eating lunch. It leaves a super lovely stain once it wears off, so I usually don't even feel like I need to reapply. It does, however, transfer very easily because it doesn't set like a matte lip product would - it's definitely not kiss-proof!

Overall I'm really impressed with both of these new releases, and I'd love to get my hands on some more colors! Have you tried either of these?