Current Obsession: Simple Earrings

I used to be all about the statement jewelry. I loved chandelier earrings and bib necklaces and had them in enough colors and styles to go with every outfit. But as I'm getting older I've definitely been gravitating towards simpler options, allowing me to cut down my collection while still having something to wear with everything. My favorite pieces of jewelry are earrings - if I forget to put in earrings I feel "off" for the rest of the day, something that doesn't happen if I don't wear something like a necklace.

I've got a few pairs of earrings that I rotate through pretty much depending more on my mood than my outfit because they all go with everything I wear. The first pair are my most "statement" of the bunch, some pearl 360 studs from Baublebar. Ever since I saw people like Emma Watson wearing the Dior version of these I wanted them. These, however, are much cheaper and still great quality despite not being real. I think they add a bit of class to any outfit, but the larger pearl on the back adds a twist on the classic pearl stud.

I got two pairs of rose gold earrings from my boyfriend for Christmas, and I can't choose a favorite pair. They're both from Etsy (shops here and here). I love wearing the dangly leaf ones when I'm feeling a little more fancy, and the rose gold druzy studs are so stunning and unique - so far I've been wearing these the most often.

For days I'm feeling more glam I have a pair of rhinestone studs from Francesca's (similar here). I used to wear these for dance performances, but now I break them out all the time. I have to be careful not to wear these with scarves though because they always get caught on them.

My most favorite pair of earrings are these purple studs. I don't wear them too often because I'm afraid of losing or breaking them, because they belonged to my grandma who died when I was a baby. I usually always wear these on tough days (I always wore them for exams in college) because they make me feel closer to her, which really helps to turn the day around.

The next thing to add to my collection is a pair of simple bar studs, like these.

Are you more into simple or statement jewelry?