February Pinspiration

Welcome back to my monthly series of "Pinspiration" - I'm still really into Pinterest right now (check out my page here and leave me your links below), so here's what I've been inspired by this month!


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Lately I've really been wanting to spruce up my desk area in my room. Right now it's just home to a lot of clutter (including a giant slab of plaster with a painting I did from when we studied frescoes in an art class last year) and my sewing machine, but I'd like to use it to actually sit down and write blogposts and do work on the computer. I'll need to find a place for the sewing machine (my desk is too small to use it comfortably there anyway). I've been pinning lots of "workspace" photos for inspiration. As with my other home pins, I love the bright, airy white walls - the walls in my room are a dark teal, so I can't really get my space to look exactly like the pictures, but I've been thinking of getting some little cacti and succulents to add some greenery and some nice little postcards and pictures to put up on the wall. I've also added a new board this month with typography/quotes, which I would love to get as prints to hang in a gallery wall.


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A lot of the makeup looks I've been pinning are similar to those in my post from last month. I'm still loving the natural makeup, dewy skin look, but this month I've been pinning quite a few with an added bold lip. A lot of them have that stained, "lived in" look that I'm definitely going to have to try.


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If you saw my post The Chop, you'll know I got a lot of hair cut off a couple weeks ago. So I'm still pinning a lot of "long bob" pictures, but I've also been looking more closely at how the cut has been styled to give myself more ideas.


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I didn't include food in my post last month, but my boyfriend and I have been really into cooking together one or two nights a week, so I've been constantly looking for healthy-ish dinner recipes that still seem like they'd taste good. He loves eggs and I love tacos, so the recipe for Huevos Rancheros Tacos looks absolutely perfect. And we also both love anything caprese, so we'll definitely be making the Grilled Caprese Chicken. On the non-healthy side, I'd call myself a grilled cheese connoisseur, so I've got several different fancy grilled cheese recipes there (we made the mac & cheese one for our Valentine's Day date night and it was fantastic).

What's inspired you this month?