Non-Beauty Favorites: January

As I said in my January Beauty Favorites post on Tuesday, I had a lot of favorites this month. Usually I just pepper in my non-beauty favorites, but there are so many of each I had to do two separate posts! Here's what I've been loving this month besides the beauty products.

My first favorite has been the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene. I said in my 2015 Goals that I wanted to find a form of exercise that I liked. For January she had a "30 Days of Yoga" challenge that I started late and am still working on, but it's helped ease me into an exercise routine again. I'll admit I've missed a few days (ok I may have skipped a whole week), but I'm working hard to catch up. Following the 20-30 minute videos every day has already made me feel so good - it's great for relieving everyday stress.

It wasn't one of my resolutions, but I decided I really wanted to get organized about planning and scheduling blog posts. I was so inspired by Kayla's post on Microscope Beauty about planning blog content that I went out and bought a little journal and set it up like hers. It's been really nice to keep a checklist like this to make sure I have everything ready for the week. Plus this journal from Rifle Paper Co is too cute!

I've been doing a bit of reading this month - my lovely boyfriend got me Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes for Christmas (still super confused as to how he got his hands on it; I'm pretty sure it's not out in the US yet!), so I've been completely devouring it. It's got such great advice and recommendations, and even though I spend a lot of time reading beauty blogs I still learned a lot! I've also been working my way through Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I already loved her, but this book has made me want to be best friends with her. It's had me laughing out loud while still presenting some good life lessons without ever being preach-y. It's so refreshing to hear her own up to her mistakes and super interesting to read about her friendships with Tina Fey and Seth Meyers and working on Parks and Recreation. Also the chapter about her sons made me cry and made me reconsider my "I don't want kids ever" stance on life for about two seconds, which is a big accomplishment. Seriously read this book if you haven't already.

Speaking of Parks and Recreation, that's another favorite of the month. My boyfriend and I have been binge-watching it on Netflix every weekend, and it's quickly become one of my favorite shows. I love that the show's humor comes from its unique characters - it reminds me a lot of The Office!

My last favorite is a little cactus plant my sister left me with when she went back to school (she's named it Hank). It's got me wanting to collect a few more to decorate my room with - inspired by Kate from gh0stparties, of course.

What were you loving in January?