New In: Skincare on Trial

I tend to go through phases with my spending - for a while I’ll buy nothing but makeup, nothing but clothes (very rare), or nothing but skincare. After my little makeup spree for my birthday, there haven’t been many products I’ve felt like I needed to add to my wishlist, so it was naturally time to switch over to a skincare phase.

I’ve found that a consistent routine has been the best thing for my skin. I’ve been introducing these new things carefully and one at a time, so if I do have a reaction to something, I’ll know the cause. 

My makeup remover/first cleanse of choice (the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter) is just about to run out, so instead of buying my fourth tub I decided to try something new. I stopped by the little travel-size aisle in Sephora (the aisle of doom basically) and picked up the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil. But then right next to it was the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, so I had to try that too (see? I told you it was the aisle of doom). I’ve really been loving using these together - the Boscia oil first to get the bulk of my makeup off and then the Ole Henriksen cleanser as my second cleanse. The Bosica oil smells really herbal and refreshing and does a great job of removing most of my makeup - I do have a little trouble removing waterproof mascara but the second cleanse takes care of it. The Ole Henriksen cleanser is a strange consistency but feels beautiful and balmy on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling really clean but not tight or stripped at all.

I also recently got a sample of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser as a Sephora point-perk. You might remember I brought a sachet of this with me on my trip to DC (travel beauty post here), and I really liked it for the one use I got out of it. Since my current morning cleanser is running out, I’m excited to give this a try.

A really interesting product that I got in a Birchbox is the Aqua Reveal Satin Bright Soft Water Peel for Face. I’ve used it a couple times and it’s the weirdest (in a good way) product I’ve ever used - it’s a clear gel that you massage over your skin, and as you’re massaging you get all this balled up dead skin coming off. So far it’s been a really lovely and gentle exfoliator that may be really good if you’re sensitive to manual or chemical exfoliants.

In the Sephora VIB Sale, I picked up a set from First Aid Beauty

containing the Face Cleanser and Ultra Repair Cream (both of which I love), and the Skin Rescue Purifying Face Mask and Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery, which I’ve never tried. I’ve started using the Liquid Recovery and am intrigued - I’m not sure I’ve seen any results from it yet, but it feels really soothing so I’m going to continue using it. I haven’t had a chance to try the mask yet, but it will be cracked open during my next pamper session.

Something I’m definitely interested in buying the full size of is the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster. I’ve been using this sample for about a month, and it’s really helped brighten and smooth my skin and fade acne scars.

Lastly, I’ve got an eye cream and a moisturizer. I got the Supergoop! Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37 in my April Birchbox (what are you trying to say, Birchbox?), and it really intrigued me because of its added SPF. I always make sure I’ve got SPF on because my skin is so fair, so having something to make sure the delicate eye area is covered is great. It’s pretty moisturizing but has that telltale sunscreen scent. I’m not sure if I’d buy the full size, but I’ll definitely use up the sample.  And lastly, I got the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief as another Sephora point-perk. I remember having a tiny sample of this last summer and thought that it felt lovely and cooling on my skin, so I’m excited to use it again.

After taking this picture I went even more skincare-crazy and had my sister pick up the Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar for me (she lives much closer to a store than I do and has been raving about this since she got it for herself) and also ordered some Asian skincare bits from Peach and Lily - somebody please stop me.

Let me know if you’d like to see a more in-depth review of any of these products as I use them more in the coming months.  Have you tried any new skincare products lately?