Top 3: Single Eyeshadows

For today’s post I thought I’d do another installment of my “Top 3” series. My last post in the series was about my Top 3 Blushes, and today I’m bringing you my Top 3 Single Eyeshadows.

Two out of the three are MAC eyeshadows - as I mentioned in my post dedicated to my small MAC eyeshadow collection, I've been bitten by the MAC eyeshadow bug and have been trying to collect more ever since. MAC has a great eyeshadow formula - amazingly pigmented, smooth, and blendable.  The one I’ve been reaching for most often is All That Glitters. My sister got it for me for my birthday (but gave it to me a week early), and I’ve been wearing it as a wash of color over my eyelids almost every day. It’s just the perfect shade for it - a shimmery peachy-pink that really brightens the eyes.

My next MAC eyeshadow pick is Sable, a frost formula. This was my first MAC eyeshadow, so it’ll always be my favorite. It’s a lovely warm burgundy/purple/bronze (one of those hard-to-pinpoint colors) that looks beautiful especially in the fall, but I’ll definitely be wearing it throughout the summer as well. This looks great packed onto the lid and blended out in the crease - it does that whole color-changing thing that makes it look like you’re wearing two different eyeshadows and put in a whole lot more effort than you really did. And if you do want to put more effort in, it pairs really nicely with All That Glitters - I wore them together for my birthday makeup.

My last favorite is the newest of the three - I picked it out on the little shopping spree my boyfriend took me on for my birthday. It’s the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia. I’d always been tempted to try these shadows, and with one swatch I was completely sold. The formula is so soft and buttery with perfect pigmentation. I haven’t tried using it wet yet, but I expect it would be an amazing look for a night out. I love using it as a wash over the eye using the Real Techniques Bold Metals Oval Shadow Brush - the soft taupe color adds a polished look to the eyes, and when used dry the shimmer is perfect for an everyday look and isn’t too over-the-top. With only a week and a half of use, I can already tell I’ve got a holy grail item on my hands.

What are your favorite single eyeshadows?