Spring Fragrances

For a long time I was really intrigued by the idea of a “signature scent,” and I had found it in the original Stella Eau de Parfum by Stella McCartney. But as we move into warmer weather, I was finding that it was a bit too warm for me to spritz on during hot sunny days. So I dropped the idea of only wearing one scent all year round and took off for Sephora.

The first one I was drawn to was, of course, the newly-released Stella Eau de Toilette. It smells almost identical to the Stella EDP on me, but it doesn’t have those warm notes. Instead it’s floral yet fresh and perfect for spring and summer - the top notes of mandarin and frozen lemon really make this rose-y scent crisp and light. It lasts a couple hours on me before I feel like I can’t smell it at all anymore. I was spritzing this every day nonstop until the Philosophy Fresh Cream fragrance fell into my clutches (aka I smelled it when I bought the Stella, couldn’t get it out of my mind for 3 days, and finally ordered it). The Fresh Cream scent isn’t something I thought I would like - I usually go for more floral scents (hence my fragrance wardrobe of Stella, Chloe, and Marc Jacobs Daisy) than sugary sweet ones. Usually vanilla fragrances are too warm or synthetic-smelling for me, but this one is absolutely perfect. It smells like vanilla for sure, but just pure, fresh vanilla if that makes sense. Think of eating a vanilla sundae (complete with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, of course) outside on a sunny spring day, and you’ll have this scent. This one lasts almost all day on me - one spritz and I’m still catching whiffs any time my wrist happens to be anywhere near my nose by the time I’m ready to head home from work. Out of these two new additions I’m definitely more a fan of the Philosophy Fresh Cream (as I’m sure you can tell from this rave), but once the excitement about it dies down a little I’m sure the Stella EDT will find its way back into the rotation. The way I see it, I now have a new spring scent for any occasion: when I’m feeling something floral, I’ll reach for Stella, and when I want something sweet, I’ll look no further than the Fresh Cream.

Have you tried either of these fragrances?