The Foaming Cleanser I'm Not Terrified Of

I’m not one to write many single product reviews, but it’s not every day you find a product that takes everything you thought you knew about beauty and flips it on its head. Recently I was very generously sent some products from Peach and Lily to try, but there was one product in the bunch I wasn’t sure I’d get on with - the Cremorlab T.E.N Cremor Gentle Foaming Cleanser*. You see, ever since I started taking better care of my skin, I’ve avoided anything “foaming” like the plague, fearing the worst for my easily-dehydrated skin. But I was pleasantly surprised upon keeping an open mind and giving it a try, and I’ve actually been using it every day. Here’s why...

In my previous experience, any foaming/soapy product (mainly random acne face washes I didn’t need to be using) had majorly stripped my skin and left it feeling dry, raw, and tight. But this cleanser is formulated using mineral water and packed with vitamins and minerals, so not once has my skin felt anything short of nourished and refreshed, even through continuous use. It has a watery consistency in the bottle (making it super difficult to photograph - sorry about today’s picture, guys), but just one pump brings out a mound of frothy, foamy goodness that’s enough for the whole face. Being a fan of foaming hand washes, it reminded me a bit of those. However, this foam is different - it has more of a “creamy” feeling as you rub it onto the skin. “A creamy foam? Crazy!” you must be saying. But hear me out, this definitely does not feel like a typical foaming hand soap (thankfully) on the skin. Instead it feels incredibly gentle yet effective at cleansing the remnants of the day or night off the skin. The result is a very refreshing clean feeling, albeit not a squeaky one.

As terrified as I was, I can’t believe how much I love washing my face with this. The bubbles feel quite energizing for the skin, like a breath of fresh air and a drink of water all in one. I love using this face wash as a morning cleanse and also as a second cleanse at night to make sure all my makeup has been removed. It really feels like it’s ridding my skin of all the bad without compromising the good. My skin is left soothed, soft, and ready to absorb the next products in my skincare routine with no tightness or discomfort whatsoever. I'm so glad I got past my prejudice against anything labeled "foaming" and tried this out. As with all things in life, it pays to keep an open mind.

Are you totally against foams, or are you willing to give something like this a try?