The Face Mask Roundup

There’s nothing I love more than a good face mask (bold statement there). I love the feeling of luxury and pampering myself, along with the near-instant results that face masks give. I thought I’d run through my current collection and when I use them - though if I could use them all at once, I would.

The “Big Guns.” When my skin is throwing a tantrum, I look no further than the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask. I love that I can actually feel it detoxing my skin, and being able to peel it off in pieces is strangely satisfying. Because my skin tends to lean to the more dry/dehydrated side, this mask does make my skin feel a little tight, but it’s nothing my usual moisturizer can’t fix. Because it’s so effective and my skin doesn’t freak out too often (knock on wood), I really only tend to use it once a month if ya know what I mean.

The Pamper Duo. When I’m looking to really spend time pampering my skin, I time and again reach for the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and the Moisturizing Moon Mask. I wrote a full review on the pair here, and while I’m sure they each would work wonderfully on their own, they just work so seamlessly together. These masks feel so gentle and yet are so effective at calming, purifying, and moisturizing my skin. After finishing both steps, I’m left with bright, radiant skin. With such beautiful results and such a gentle formula, it’s hard not to use these every single day - I keep it down to around once or twice a week.

The Multitasker. Want the results of the Glossier pair in one go? Then I’d suggest trying the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. As honey is naturally antibacterial, it really cleans and purifies the skin while deeply moisturizing it. This is a more recent addition to my face mask lineup, but it’s one I’ve been loving nonetheless (see it reviewed in my Current Skincare Loves post). Even though I wash this off before proceeding with my usual skincare routine, I always notice a difference in my skin when I wake up the morning after using this - it just looks totally hydrated and pleasantly plumped. I use this one around once a week as well, twice if I’m strapped for time and don’t use the Glossier pair.

The Soother. I really wish I had a Lush store closer to me for the sole purpose of always having the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask stocked in my fridge. This one is just amazing. It’s a cleansing mask, but it’s also really calming and soothing on the skin due to the calamine and chamomile blue oil. I find using this consistently dramatically improves the redness in my skin. When I’ve got a tub sitting around I’ll use it every day - it’s that gentle.

The Overnighter. Now that I’ve found other hydrating masks, I tend to overlook the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. It’s really a phenomenal mask though, and one I think I'm going to start keeping next to my bed to use it more. If you’ve been struggling with dehydration or dryness, just pop this on before bed and you’ll be glowing by morning. It’s also great for keeping your skin moisturized on long flights. The smell of this one is heavenly, like peaches and cream, and it makes it all the more enjoyable to use. I’m a bit more sporadic with my use of this mask - I can go from using it a couple nights in a row to not using it for a few weeks. It all depends on how my skin is feeling.

The Quick Pick-Me-Up. Now I’m not sure if you’d classify this as a mask, but one of my favorite skincare extras is the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. It’s a water-activated exfoliant that you rinse off after only a minute, leaving you with bright, clear, radiant skin. I really like using this in the morning because of its brightening capabilities - if I wake up looking a little tired and dull, I reach for this every time. It’s gentle enough that my easily-irritated skin doesn’t resemble a tomato by the end of that minute, but it’s still so effective. I can just feel my serums and moisturizers sinking in so much better after using this. I keep my usage of this down to once or twice a week.

Are any of your favorites in this lineup? Are there any I need to add to my collection?