Anastasia Self-Made Palette Review

Just when I thought I had enough eyeshadow to last me a lifetime, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette was released. And I caved. I thought it had the perfect mix of neutrals and more fun colors for an eyeshadow-noob like me - the pops of pink, purple, and mint green were just enough for me.

I had never tried Anastasia shadows but had always heard raves, so I went in with my hopes high. I was not disappointed. They're so soft and creamy, I'd say possibly even more so than Urban Decay. Actually, they remind me a bit of the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows in how they feel and how well they last. Absolutely everything will crease on me without a primer, and some things still do even with a primer. These last the whole day and still look perfect at the end of the day, which is honestly a first for me. They're stunningly pigmented, though it's not so much that you're overloaded and unable to blend them - it's no wonder why so many makeup artists I've seen on Youtube and Instagram lately have been using them. And I don't go too crazy with packing on the color, but I haven't experienced any fallout so far.

I've seen some complaints about the color selection in this palette, and some people say they don't understand why these colors were chosen and why they're arranged the way they are. I don't go all out with eyeshadow so as long as I could picture pairs of two I could wear together, I was fine. But I saw in Sam from Batalash Beauty's October Favorites that this palette is actually set up in quads, and suddenly I'm feeling so much more adventurous with the looks I put together. I've actually been using four colors at once! My favorite combination so far has been Treasure, Hot & Cold, Self-Made, and Metallic Plum. Twelve of the fourteen shades have some level of shimmer in them and two, Buttery and Hot Chocolate, are matte. If you're not into shimmery eye looks, then this might not be the palette for you, but for me the shimmer isn't too over the top. I haven't been able to reach for any other eyeshadow palette lately, and I really think it's one of the most versatile palettes I own.

Have you tried the Self-Made Palette or Anastasia shadows in general?