Beauty On The Go

Since we’re coming up on the season of lots of traveling, whether it be to visit family for the holidays or going on a trip of your own, I thought it would be a good idea to round up some beauty bits that make keeping up a skincare routine while away super easy. I’m not actually traveling anywhere for awhile, probably not until next summer even, but I can still pretend, right?

WIPES | Before you go all “clutching your pearls” on me, hear me out. I was totally against face wipes until I tried the Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Oil Cloths* from Kaia Naturals. They’re not a true face wipe, but rather a cloth (made of bamboo fibers)  soaked in a lovely cleansing oil. These contain skin-loving ingredients like honey, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil and none of the harsh, stripping agents in traditional face wipes. Because of the oils they’re a dream for makeup removal, but they don’t leave a greasy residue whatsoever. These are perfect for traveling as you could use them on a plane to remove your makeup easily, or you could even bring them as your sole makeup remover - cutting out the need to bring along a cleansing oil that could spill inside your luggage.

MASK PODS | You know me, I love a good pamper session. You shouldn’t have to give up a nice weekly masking session just because you’re away from home, so now many brands are coming out with these convenient little mask pods. I’ve been testing out some from Nügg Beauty - the Hydrating, Revitalizing, Deep Cleansing, and Anti-Aging Masks*. These are so affordable, and depending on how heavy-handed you are, they can last up to two or three applications. I think the Hydrating and Revitalizing masks would be especially great for de-stressing the skin after a flight. The Hydrating Mask contains camellia seed oil and spirulina extract among other nourishing oils to really re-hydrate and moisturize dried out skin, while the Revitalizing Mask has flaxseed and peppermint oils, along with glycerin and aloe to really energize and plump up the skin. The minty-cool feel of this one felt so nice and actually really relaxing to use. They also make a Soothing Mask that I haven’t tried, but that sounds absolutely perfect as well. These are normal wash-off masks, but if you want to simplify your routine and just slap on a mask and drift off to sleep, the Sephora Sleeping Masks are lovely. I’ve tried the Lotus, Pearl, and Rose Masks, and they’re all beautifully hydrating on the skin. Glossier is also now selling a set of mask pods - their masks are amazing so I’m tempted!

SAMPLES | I’ve spoken on here and on Instagram how my sample hoarding is a bit out of control - I’ve got a whole makeup bag stuffed full of sachet samples, with deluxe samples laying around my beauty drawer as well. These are perfect for popping into your bag so you don’t have to bring a full size product with you. I also like saving the little tubs the deluxe samples come in to depot my favorite full size products into. I’ve got a sample of the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm I’ve been hiding away for about a year, along with some other really nice products from NUDE Skincare and Jurlique. I can picture just throwing all these samples into an overnight bag and giving myself the ultimate pamper session while away.

What are your essential beauty products for traveling?