Blogging Goals

Since the new year is coming up fast, it's really making me think about what my goals for my little space here will be in the next year. My first year of blogging has been such an amazing experience that I want to make Year 2 as best as it can be.

Improve my photos | This is probably a big one for everyone, right? I follow so many blogs that have absolutely amazing photos, so it really inspires me to improve mine. In the coming year I hope to branch out with the style of my photos, as I've heavily relied on flatlays the whole time I've been blogging. Don't get me wrong - I love a good flatlay, but lately I've just been wanting to try something new. I don't have a DSLR but I hope to still figure out how to use my camera on something other than the "auto" mode.

Tweak my blog design | Similarly to the first goal, I also want to improve the design of my blog. Switching my blog over from Blogger to Squarespace breathed so much life back into it, and I really think it better reflects my style and me now. Still, I think it can be better. I'm terrible at remembering to categorize my posts before they're published, so one thing I want to do is get better at that and be able to have a space where my posts can be found by category. I know there's so much more that I can do with Squarespace, so I'm looking forward to playing around with it more.

Read & comment more | When I first started blogging, I read so many and always made sure to leave thoughtful comments. Lately though, that's fallen a bit by the wayside and I miss catching up on all my favorites. There's no other reason for this other than I love reading blogs and getting inspired by others, but it is worth mentioning that I do notice an increase in engagement on my own blog when I engage with others more.

Join in more blogger chats | I was really into joining lots of Twitter chats earlier in the year, but again, it's fallen by the wayside. It's a little tough since most are scheduled in GMT, so when a chat starts at 8pm there, I'm still at work. But I really miss talking to other bloggers and hearing firsthand what they're loving. I'm hoping to get back into at least the chats on Sundays.

Seek out new inspiration | For the next year I'm really hoping to branch out with my content a little more. I love writing about beauty and that will always be the main focus of this blog, but I'm hoping to add in a few homeware posts here and there, and maybe a recipe or two since I'll have my own place and own kitchen in the new year. By the end of this year I've felt a little burned out thinking of new post ideas (one reason I'll always admire daily bloggers), so I'm hoping by looking for new sources of inspiration and incorporating new types of blogposts that I'll always be inspired in the coming year.

What are your blogging goals?