June Favorites

We’ve reached the end of another month, and as I annoyingly remark in every favorites post, where has the month gone?? I can’t fathom how we’re already halfway through the year. June was a pretty boring month for me beauty-wise. I did try some amazing new skincare and get some new makeup, but I pretty much went for the same (very minimal) makeup look every day. The attitude I described in my Lazy Day Look? Yup, I’m still feeling that.

Most of my makeup favorites come from ColourPop Cosmetics. I finally gave into the hype around this brand, and boy am I glad that I did. The products are incredibly affordable and yet some of the best I’ve used. I still can’t get over how cool the mousse-like consistency feels to apply. You can see everything I got in my Haul, but my favorites of the month have been the highlighter in Smoke N Whistles and the eyeshadows in Plunge and Hanky Panky. The highlighter is one of the most beautiful I own (and I’ve amassed quite the collection of highlighters lately), and one I’ve reached for almost every day. Most highlights you see are more golden, but this one is a soft pink with a white and silver pearl, so on my extremely pale and cool-toned skin it just looks like a natural (yet quite intense) glow. The consistency I mentioned before is just perfect for cheek products - it glides on beautifully and blends seamlessly.

The eyeshadows are just as beautiful as the highlighter. The shade Hanky Panky is the most perfect barely-there shade, just a neutral taupe-y brown color. I love putting it through the crease and dabbing some of the beige-y gold shimmer Plunge on the lid. It makes the most perfect minimal summer eye look that I can see myself wearing throughout the rest of the season.

The only other makeup item I’ve been consistently reaching for this month is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal. I mentioned this in my Beauty Wishlist earlier this month, and I actually ended up buying it the day the post went up (whoops). I love these tinted lip balms, but the other colors I had were just too bright for every day. The Petal shade is almost the same shade as my lips, maybe a tad darker and peachier, so it makes the most perfect my-lips-but-better shade for every day. Since it’s so moisturizing and easy to reapply, I’ve been keeping it in my work bag throughout the week and also reaching for it for simple weekend looks.

I’ve got one skincare favorite this month, and it will be no surprise since I wrote a glowing review on it last week - the Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream*. I’ll keep it brief since I have a whole post dedicated to it, but using this really makes my skin feel more plump, smooth, and hydrated. Since it’s so lightweight, it’s the perfect summer skincare item.

Since my makeup and skincare haven’t been too exciting this month, I thought I’d add in a haircare and bodycare favorite as well. I got the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer in a Sephora point perk at the end of last month and I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve noticed it rids my hair of frizz just as well as the other leave-in conditioners I’ve used, but this one doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy at all. I love that it’s got both heat and UV protection included as well, and I’ll definitely be picking up the full size when my sample runs out.

I rarely talk about body care, but I’ve found quite the winner: the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. I’ve got the formulation for dry skin. One thing I always neglected post-shower was moisturizing my body. I never skipped my legs as they’d get so irritated otherwise, but I always skipped the rest of my body because most moisturizers left me feeling so oily and greasy and I couldn’t stand it. Although the in-shower moisturizer is an extra step, it’s so quick and easy to smooth on and rinse off in the shower that it’s quickly become a welcome addition to my routine. I can really feel a difference in the smoothness of my skin, and I never get dry or rough patches anymore. One to try for sure!

What were your favorites this month?