Photo Diary: York Beach

Since I've been away on vacation for the past week, I thought I'd bring you something a little different today. I tried my best to document the trip, so I wanted to share a few snippets. My family and I go to York Beach in Maine every year, and we have been since I was little (probably about 16 or 17 years now!). It's my happy place and something I look forward to all year long.

The week totally blew by, but I managed to fit in all the traditions, like eating my weight in fried shrimp and lobster rolls and getting ice cream almost every night. We managed to catch the 4th of July fireworks and had a great view of them right from the cliff in the backyard of the house we were renting, and we tried a new Italian restaurant outside of town that was really good and had tons of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra pictures all over the place - I didn't want to leave. I almost forgot to watch the sun rise, but managed to get it in this morning shortly before we left (the only editing I did to the picture of the sunrise below was resizing it - those colors were really what it looked like), and it was breathtaking.

I had such a great and relaxing week and am a little bummed to be back home in the real world now. Regular posts will be up again starting Tuesday, but I hope you enjoyed this little deviation from my usual beauty banter.

Have you been on any fun summer vacations yet?