The Highlighter Roundup

I originally intended to spotlight some of my highlighters in a “Top 3” style blogpost, but as hard as I tried, I could not choose just three. Highlighters are hands-down my most favorite product to use, as it makes me feel so confident when my skin has a noticeable glow. It's also the area of my collection, besides maybe neutral lip colors, that has all but exploded with new products. I decided, after really loving writing my Face Mask Roundup post, I’d pull together another roundup for all my highlighters so they'd all get equal love.

The One that's a Moisturizer. MAC's Strobe Cream is a new addition to my collection, but it's already been well-loved nonetheless. It took me ages to realize my local MAC counter carried it because I didn't know there was a separate "skincare" section or that this could be classed as such. But it does feel incredibly moisturizing on the skin - if you're oilier than me, you could definitely get away with using this as your daytime moisturizer. This gives such a luminous glow to the skin without any added visible shimmer. I like applying this (quite liberally) to the high points of my face before going in with my base product of choice, but you could also tap it on over your base.

The All-Over Glow. Similar to the Strobe Cream is the Shimmering Skin Perfector by Becca in the shade Moonstone. This gives the skin a much more obvious glow with some small visible shimmer, so this is definitely one I like to use before or mixed into foundation. This is a lovely pale gold color that has really been complementing the teeny tiny bit of a tan I got on vacation.

The J.Crew Model. There was no more appropriate name for the rms beauty Living Luminizer because it really is what J.Crew models use to give their complexions that immaculate, dewy glow. This little pot of magic is probably my favorite highlighter. Containing organic ingredients like coconut oil, castor seed oil, and beeswax, it feels really nourishing and almost balmy on the skin but never greasy. It uses mica to give that luminescence, so there's not a visible shimmer particle in sight. This one is quite subtle and gives the skin that glossy, almost "wet" look.

The Candle-lit Sheen. The Creamy Glow Duo by Kevyn Aucoin in the Sculpting/Highlighting shade is really a thing of beauty. It's something I've been reaching for quite often as the creams are so blendable but last quite a long time on the skin. The highlighter included in this little duo is a cream version of the famous Candlelight powder, and it gives the skin just what you'd expect - a candle-lit glow. This one is subtle like the Living Luminizer, but with a gold tint rather than an icy white one.

The Perfect One for ~sTrObiNg~. Another very new addition, the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight has been a welcome one to my routine. There's nothing better for rushed mornings, as the stick form is so quick and easy to use and blends into the skin beautifully. This leaves the skin with a beautiful almost pink/lavender-tinged glow that's really unique, with no chunky shimmer particles in sight. It sits well on all areas of the face, so it's been my number one product while I try my hand at strobing - I can just streak it on my cheekbones, forehead, down my nose, on my cupid's bow, basically all over my face, etc and it looks flawless everywhere.

The Icy Sheen. It took me awhile to think of the perfect descriptor for the Colourpop Highlighter in Smoke N Whistles because it's such a unique product. I suppose it's a powder, but it's the creamiest powder I've ever used - spongy and mousse-like. The color is quite an intense pale pink with silver shimmer, so not one for the faint of heart. This really gives you that ice queen look and draws lots of attention to them cheekbones - I love.

The Beam of Light. One of the most talked about and widely-owned highlighters in the beauty blogging community is theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer (excellent, excellent name). It's even more intense than the Colourpop one, and gives the skin a beautiful golden sheen. I like to describe this one like a strong beam of light shining on your face, one to surely turn heads. It's got an incredibly buttery formula and just glides onto the skin.

The Ethereal Glow. I've got a whole post dedicated to my love of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade here, and it's still one I reach for quite often. Because of the delicate veins of pink and lavender powder, it gives a really cool-toned glow to the skin, making you look like an ethereal wood nymph frolicking through a moonlit forest (can you tell I'm having fun thinking of these different light situations). This is a really subtle one (maybe it's just my compact though), so I have to use quite a dense, stiff brush with it to see the amount of sheen I want, but it's a beautiful one nevertheless.

The Glow from Within. My prettiest highlighter might just be the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact in Highlighter 01. Don't be fooled by the name, this is not a matte powder. It's hard to define the color, it's a pale gold, but it's not too gold, but it's not anywhere in icy white territory either. This one is easy to adjust to the level of glow you want - a sheer wash to a more intense sheen. It looks flawless and really natural on the skin, like you're just glowing from within.

The One that's "On Fleek." Last but not least is probably the most intense highlighter that I own - the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop. This is the collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, the queen of highlighting herself, who makes some of my favorite tutorials on YouTube. As soon as I saw her use it in a video, I knew I had to have it. I'm surprised this still works on my skintone, as it's quite dark for what I usually wear, and it's got a strong peachy tone to it. But once swept over the skin the color doesn't seem to matter and leaves the most intense glow - it really gives the skin a "wet" look, but a golden wet look. It's absolutely beautiful, and while one I may not reach for on workdays, it's still the one I get most excited to use. When I went to a drag show last Saturday, this was of course the highlighter I went for, without a second thought.

I hope I didn't ramble too much, but my love for highlighters knows no bounds. Please let me know what your favorite highlighter is - after discovering Champagne Pop works on my skin, I might have to pick up MAC's Soft and Gentle (I previously thought it would be too dark)! My name is Kelsey and I am a serial highlighter hoarder.