Beauty by Kelsey Turns 1: Sharing the Love

Hey everyone, I wanted to include a bonus post this week because a year ago today this little blog was born! I had spent all last summer going back and forth on whether or not to start one, and I finally took the plunge. It just seemed like a fun little hobby, but I had no idea I’d fall so in love with it. In a year I’ve gained a few friends I can chat to and freak out about beauty with without annoying my friends and family, I’ve developed my writing and photography skills, I’ve learned a little bit about coding, and become absolutely addicted to reading other blogs. When I first started blogging, I only read two or three, but now my “following” count is off the charts and my Bloglovin feed is constantly full to the brim with new posts to read. I thought to celebrate 1 year of Beauty by Kelsey, I’d go through a few of my favorite blog discoveries of the year.

JASMINEHARDINGMAKEUP | I just had to start with Jasmine because she’s the first friend I made through blogging. I’m pretty sure I started reading her blog within days of her first post going up and I’ve been a loyal reader ever since. Her blog is one I’m constantly checking for updates - it’s completely flawless, from her beautiful photography to her captivating writing style. She has fabulous taste in products and is definitely one to go to for recommendations if you love a good glow.

MAKEUP-SESSIONS | I first found Beti’s blog through her gorgeous Instagram account. Her photos are so lovely and you can tell they're hers the minute you see them. Her reviews are incredibly informative, and she makes me want to buy everything she writes about. We’ve discovered we’ve got very similar tastes in products, so her blog is always one I turn to when I’m feeling a little spendy.

TAMIRA JARREL | Tamira’s blog is another one I found through Instagram. If you want to see an example of impeccable branding, look no further. Her photos are phenomenal and always follow a minimalist monochrome palette. She always pulls together the best products for the most lovely and natural looks. I blame her for my recent obsession with taupe-y brown nude shades for the lips. You should also check out her YouTube channel as well - it’s one of my favorite channels I’m subscribed to.

GH0STPARTIES | I found Kate’s blog soon after I started blogging, and everything is just goals. She is my biggest inspiration photography-wise, her photos are just flawless. She has a talent for making me want to buy whatever she writes about - I’ve added the Oskia Renaissance Mask and lots of things from Bobbi Brown to my ever-growing wishlist because of her. I love that she writes about a variety of topics - I come for the beauty posts of course, but her interiors posts always make me swoon and wish I had my own place to decorate.

THAT’S JUST FABULOUS | Faith is a blogger I’ve been following only for the past couple months, and seriously I don’t know where I’ve been. She puts together the most beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing flatlays (can you tell it’s the photography that attracts me to a blog?), and I love when she makes really cute gifs of the products being laid out or opening and closing; it’s such a unique touch that I’ve never seen on another blog. If you’re not following her blog, do it now!

Thank you to all my readers for sticking with me through my first year. I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings!