ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

When I first heard that ColourPop was coming out with matte liquid lipsticks, I was way too excited. So imagine my disappointment when they launched while I was at work and every single color sold out in a matter of hours. When I caught wind that they had been restocked, I hopped on their website as fast as I could and managed to snap up four shades: Trap, Solow, Bumble, and Tulle.

Trap, Solow, Bumble, & Tulle

Trap, Solow, Bumble, & Tulle

Trap is a cool-toned, grayish nude. This was the one I figured would be most difficult to pull off, but I absolutely love it. Since my skin is really cool-toned, it works really well and comes off more brown on me than gray (my dad still asked me if I was cold though, so it still must pull cool-toned on me). Of the four shades I got, I think it's my favorite. 

Solow is a neutral pink color. This one is taking me a little getting used to because it's slightly lighter than my natural lip color. So far I've really been liking wearing it over MAC's Soar Lip Pencil as it just darkens it up a tiny bit and adds a cool gradient effect.

Bumble is described as a "dusty warm terracotta." I bought it before reading the description because the swatches looked so pretty, but I was afraid it would pull too orange on me. I've seen this look like a really pretty neutral on some people, but for me it's actually a really wearable red. It's got some brown in it that makes it less in-your-face and really does make it look a lot more neutral.

Tulle is a deep burgundy color that actually looks quite brown on me, and I dig it. I can't wait to wear this one when the weather cools down - I think it will look awesome with a gold or copper eye look.

Now, what about the formula? If you saw my previous post about Colourpop products (my first haul and first impressions here), you'll know I've been blown away by the quality. Keeping in mind that these are only $6 each, they're an amazing liquid lipstick. Because they dry down very matte, they are quite a bit drying on the lips, as all matte liquid lipsticks tend to be. But as someone with extremely (and randomly) sensitive lips, these haven't given me any problems. They're much thinner and more "liquid-y" than some others that I've tried - the Kat Von D and Sephora Collection ones are more creamy in my opinion. Even though they do dry my lips out after a time, they're still quite comfortable because you can't even feel them there - they're really lightweight because of the thinner formula. Despite the thin formula they're really nicely pigmented, with the lighter colors only needing one swipe to be opaque, and only needing some layering with the darker Tulle. They don't wear quite as long as others I've tried, but they reapply nicely without crumbling or flaking off. I can get around 4 hours of wear if I'm eating and drinking and around 6 if I'm not. When they do wear off, they just gradually fade rather than smudging everywhere. Another thing about these is that once they set, they don't transfer at all - this is something I've found that even the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks don't completely do. To keep my lips from drying out longer I like applying these over a lip balm and giving them extra time to set. And when my lips do start drying out, I like to dab a little lip balm over the top to curb that as well.

Have you tried the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips? What did you think of them?