September Favorites

Lately it's been so hard to pinpoint my favorites - probably a sign I should cool it on trying new things. But again, this month I tried lots of exciting products and was able to pull together what I reached for again and again. Just a warning though, as you can see from the photo there's quite a bit to get through!

I had a real skincare moment in September - although the weather didn't really cool down until the last week or two, I was full on preparing for the season of perpetually dry skin. I wandered into my local TJMaxx, where I every once in awhile find some Superfacialist goodies I can't get anywhere else, and stumbled upon a pure gem. There were two bottles left of the Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil when I got there, and I scooped both of them up. It was a very good decision indeed, because I've been absolutely loving this stuff. It's a lot thicker than other cleansing oils I've used, but it just feels phenomenal on the skin. Other cleansing oils I've used can make my skin feel a little tight if I don't moisturize immediately afterward, but not this one - handy because I like to take my contacts out/put them in before continuing on with the rest of my skincare routine. It's not fabulous at removing waterproof makeup, but I've been trialling a micellar water that has been taking care of that job wonderfully. It's got the nicest scent, like pure oranges, so it's one that's really nice and uplifting in the morning, too.

I talked about the Mizon King to the Kong No. 1 Moist Magic Cream Mist in my Face Mist Roundup and my Urban Outfitters Haul, and I've been spraying this on every single morning. As I said in the posts, it's really more of a liquid moisturizer and is something that really comes in handy when my skin is getting dried out or dehydrated. It gives the skin a lovely glow too, which is always a plus in my book.

Another goody I picked up in my Urban Outfitters Haul is the Antipodes Divine Facial Oil (it came in a duo with the Vanilla Pod Day Cream - another favorite, but I've only used it a lot in the last week or so). It seems like this is my skin's favorite oil, if that doesn't sound too weird. I've used rosehip oil before, and other oil blends that contain avocado oil, but the two of them together is just magic to me, apparently. It really makes my skin soft, plump, and glowing - a full size purchase is definitely in the cards. 

The last skincare bit I haven't been able to get enough of this month is the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive. This is an exfoliating treatment that I like to apply twice a week - my skin isn't all that sensitive, but the sensitive version is strong enough for me. It really sloughs off that dead skin and really helps to unclog pores. Any time my skin is just feeling all around dull and "meh," I break this baby out. It leaves my skin baby smooth, free of blackheads, and positively radiant. I wrote more about it in my Glow-Giving Masks post.

Whenever I've worn eyeshadow this month (I'll admit, I've gotten quite lazy with my makeup lately), it's been the BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette. I wrote a full review on it earlier in the month, and my love for it still stands. Although I have cool-toned skin, the warm tones just look so lovely and perfect for an everyday fall look. I love that they're all (mostly) matte, too - matte eyeshadows just look so polished to me.

As we've finally entered the fall season, I think I've found my perfect fall lip in the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl. It's described as a "natural berry," which I think is spot on. It really is a toned-down berry with a bit of a brown tone to it - my favorite. The formula of these lipsticks is amazing, so creamy for a matte and not nearly as drying as other formulas. Yet it still sticks around for most of the day on me. I really need to get my hands on more shades - Love Liberty, I'm comin' for ya.

You may have seen on Instagram that I've been posting pictures of my nail polish this month, and my new favorite has been the OPI polish in Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. It's perhaps not the most fall-appropriate as it's quite a pale nude, but it just looks so pretty and clean on the nails. I love a white manicure, but it can look a little too stark on me. I like that this one has a bit more of a pink/lilac/beige to it.

I hope you're still sticking around, because I have just one more favorite. You may have seen the P.F. Candle Co. Candle in Amber & Moss gracing a few of my photos this month. I just can't get enough of it. First of all, the packaging is to die for - it looks so minimal and brings a nice touch to the counter I keep it on. The smell is so good too - quite earthy, and it almost has a cologne-y scent to it, too (wow I'm so good at describing scents). I got mine at Urban Outfitters, so seriously, go give this one a sniff. Also, while looking for a link to insert I saw they have a Spiced Pumpkin scent - all the heart-eyed emojis.

What were your favorite things in September?