My Bite Beauty Lip Lab Experience

Last Saturday my mom took my sister and me to New York City so we could go to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, where you can create your own customized lipstick. It was really one of the most fun experiences I've had and something I'd definitely recommend.

You start by giving them an idea of the color you'd want, and then they start mixing different shades from the Bite range together. I knew I wanted my own perfect neutral because many of them show up a little too brown on me, and my sister wanted a nude. I had actually brought in my Marc Jacobs Prim(rose) lipliner as a starting point for my color, so that's something you can always do, too. You also get to pick the formula/finish from their range - I went for the Luminous Creme formula, and my sister went for the matte. Before you try the color on you're given a bit of the Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub (which I went on to buy later), and the Agave Lip Mask to prep your lips. Once the color is mixed with whatever formula base you picked, you can try it on and let them know how to adjust it. After applying my first color I said I wanted it a little bit darker and a little more pink, and the second try was perfect.

Once you have your color picked out, you're led to a table with all the available essential oils to choose the scent of your lipstick. You can pick one or mix two. In the end I went for Vanilla and Wild Berry mixed, and my sister went for Citrus Mango and Cherry mixed. Then they make up your color and mix in the oils using a machine that looks like a paint mixer, and they pour it into a mold that's sitting on a cold surface to set the lipsticks. I didn't get a picture, but you also get to choose the shape of the outer lipstick tube (if you've seen Bite lipsticks before, each color family has a differently-shaped tube). Once the lipsticks have set they're put into the tubes, and loaded into boxes with the Bite Beauty Lip Lab label on them. We were able to write down our email addresses and given a card that said the amounts of each color added, so if we were to use up the whole tube, we can order another!

It costs $60 to make one lipstick or $45 each for two. It was honestly one of the coolest things I've ever done, so it's definitely somewhere to put on your bucket list if you're a beauty lover or somewhere to take a lipstick junkie you love. I'm already looking forward to going back sometime and maybe creating my perfect red - I'd want something ultra cool-toned so it would actually look cool-toned on my skin.

Have you ever been to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab?