First Impressions: Surratt Beauty

I've realized that one of my favorite kinds of posts to write is when I get a few things all from one brand and give mini first impression reviews. This is kind of bad for my bank account - case in point when I got it into my head that I really wanted to feature Surratt Beauty next, which isn't exactly the most affordable of brands. I had been eyeing up the brand on the Sephora website for such a long time, especially after listening to the episode of Fat Mascara where they interviewed the brand's creator, Troy Surratt, and I finally decided to just throw a bunch of things in my cart and hope for the best.

Prismatique Lipstick, 'Lili Doree' | I got this piece a few weeks before everything else featured here, and it's really what made me want to try more. It was described on the Sephora website as a "bubbly rose champagne" which is just the best lipstick descriptor I've ever read - it basically immediately went into my cart. It's a beautiful peachy pink shade with a whole whack of golden shimmer in it - it definitely verges on being frosty. But because the shimmer is a warm gold, it keeps it from looking too dated and instead really enhances the lips and adds some brightness to the face. I've described it before as NARS Orgasm blush but in lipstick form. Despite being chock full of shimmer, it doesn't feel chunky on the lips whatsoever. It's a creamier, moisturizing formula, so it doesn't have the best longevity, but I'm still utterly smitten. When linking the product above I also saw the shade Jolie Laid, an "ambiguous violet taupe," and decided I need it.

Auto-Graphique Eyeliner, 'Chat Noir' | I'm not exactly sure what got into me when I decided I needed a $42 liquid eyeliner, when in fact I rarely wear liquid eyeliner. Something in me said this would be a good idea though and it would change my opinion on liquid liner, so I took the plunge. It has a brush tip rather than a felt tip - something that makes it miles easier to use for me. I'm so pleased with this - I can get two even wings on my first try! The formula dries to a matte black, which I prefer, and it stays put all day. I like that it's also refillable, so while the $42 price tag was eye-watering, it was just a one-time thing - the ink cartridge refills go for $18. I'll keep you updated on how long the brush itself lasts, because once that goes, I'll have to buy the whole $42 thing again.

Artistique Blushes, 'La Vie en Rose,' 'Aureole,' & 'Grisaille' | The thing I love most about Surratt's whole brand-aesthetic is the idea of customizable beauty. The eyeshadows and blushes come in minimal packaging because they're meant to be put into an empty palette. The brand sells these as well (I picked up the Grande size to house my three blushes). I was super interested in trying the powder products after listening to the episode of Fat Mascara I mentioned above, because Troy Surratt was talking about their revolutionary way of formulating their powders. Rather than taking dry pigments and pressing them, they use a "slurry" technique, in which the powder formula is first mixed into a liquid form, poured into the pan, and then the liquid is pressed/evaporated out. It supposedly leaves a much creamier finish than most powders. After trying the blushes, I think this is 100% true - they're some of the most buttery and creamiest powders I've ever felt. I got a highlight (Aureole), contour (Grisaille), and blush (La Vie en Rose) shade to get a feel for the collection, and they all perform equally well. The contour is a perfect cool brown that's not too ashy - it appears quite neutral on my cool-toned skin, so I've been wearing it more diffused over my cheekbones rather than concentrated underneath them. The highlighter is absolutely beautiful - a creamy white gold that isn't super intense, but rather gives the skin a soft luminescence. And the blush shade is lovely - a nice neutral pink that will go with anything (my favorite). They've got the perfect pigmentation for me, too - they're not so pigmented that you get too much and have to spend ages blending or look clownish, but they're not sheer either. It's the perfect in-between. I apply all three with my NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush in the mornings and it works well for all three shades.

Sometimes I feel kind of bad when my reviews are just full of raves with no qualms at all, but I really am head-over-heels for this line. I think I've started a dangerous new obsession. I'm dying to get my hands on the Lipslique lipsticks (Estee Lalonde has been talking about one of them lately so I need it) as well as make my own eyeshadow quad next.

Have you tried anything from Surratt Beauty?