Meet Lilo!

I wanted to do an extra little personal post this week to introduce you to our new baby Lilo. We brought her home almost two weeks ago, and we're already so in love with her. She came from the MSPCA, and her previous owners de-clawed her and left her teeth in such a rotten state that they had to be removed. So now she's our little gummy baby. (It's only her fangs that were removed, so she can still eat normal food!)

She meows a lot. She's the craziest in the mornings, so I think she's just excited that we're finally awake and walking around.

She'll also respond when I talk to her, which is my favorite. I tend to talk to animals as if they're people so it's nice that she actually keeps the conversation going.

She loves laying on my posterboards I use for blog photo backgrounds, but only when I'm trying to take blog photos.

She likes when I get Sephora packages even more than I do and tries to climb in the boxes right away (until I take everything out and give her the empty box).

She has claimed our lounge chair for her own and will clearly let us know if she's mad about one of us sitting in it. 

She begs for food even more than a dog and tries to climb into the fridge when I open it.

When Brett plays with her she'll suddenly get up in a huff after a few minutes and sit in the corner with her back to us.

She pretends to sharpen her claws on the couch even though she has no claws.

She chases her own tail.

She nudges my hand when I'm giving her treats so more will fall out of the bag (she's no dummy).

I'm so, so happy to have her as part of the family, and my heart is so full. I hope you liked this little intro to Lilo! Regular beauty content will resume tomorrow!