New In: Complex Beauty

One of my favorite things to do after a long day is just unwind with a face mask or two. Face masks to me are what a glass of wine or long bubble bath are to others - they're just the ultimate relaxation tool. When Complex Beauty, a new beauty brand, contacted me asking if I'd like to try their about-to-be-released masks as a set of minis, I was so happy and took the opportunity. Their six masks cover just about any skin concern, from dehydration, to dullness, to breakouts.

Complex Beauty's ethos really speaks to me - their aim is to make people look good so they can then feel good and go on and spread that greatness and positivity throughout the world. They believe that skincare is important but should be fun and stress-free. I'm in. Now, a rundown of the masks.

ROSE GLOW | glycolic mask | I had to start with one of my favorites of the bunch. When I read the name of this one, I instantly knew it would be perfect for me. It's a jelly-like mask that smells like the most beautiful fresh roses. The glycolic acid works to exfoliate and brighten the skin, while rosewater hydrates and refreshes the skin. My skin feels oh-so-smooth after washing this one off.

OCEAN POTION | mineral mask | This one is ideal for stressed skin, which is basically my skin's eternal state. This is a super hydrating and nourishing mask that will work to calm everything down. It's a creamy paste that spreads over the skin smoothly and easily. This one contains many awesome ingredients for healing the skin, such as aloe, spirulina, safflower seed oil, coconut oil, kelp, Irish moss, and their Ocean Mineral Complex, a blend of 92 ocean minerals that work to replenish and protect the skin,

THIRST QUENCHER | hydra mask | This is the sort of mask I always need in my life. My skin is constantly feeling dry, tight, and overheated after my long commute home, so this cooling gel-like mask is a welcome addition to my skincare stash. This really plumps up and hydrates my skin - I've also used it in the morning when I have time and it helps my makeup go on so much more smoothly. It contains aloe, hyaluronic acid, rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin B5, and amino acids to penetrate deep into the skin and really hydrate and nourish it.

BABY FACE | purity mask | This is the one to break out if you're breaking out. It contains activated charcoal to pull impurities out of the skin, but it also has hydrating and antioxidant-rich ingredients like aloe, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, rooibos leaf extract, and Vitamin E to nourish the skin and keep it from drying out. I've got this one slathered on as I'm writing this post, as a matter of fact, and it's lovely.

SMOOTH OPERATOR | antioxidant mask | This mask works to minimize and repair damage caused to the skin by free radicals. Fun Fact: free radical reactions were my favorite to learn about in my Organic Chemistry classes because I liked drawing the mechanism of the chain reactions caused by unpaired electrons. Geek moment over, this mask feels super nice and replenishing on the skin. It's the heaviest hitter in terms of ingredients, so I'll list a few key ones: glycolic acid, squalene, lactic acid, cranberry fibers, organic blueberries, sweet almond oil, organic licorice, red wine polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, CoQ 10, and phospholipids. If you don't know what your skin needs but you want to do a mask, do this one, and you'll basically have all of your bases covered. I love what a workhorse this little guy is.

THE GODMOTHER | enzyme mask | Anyone looking for a dupe for the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask? Because it's here. This mask uses pumpkin enzymes and glycolic acid to slough away dead skin, leaving your skin softer, brighter, and smoother. It also has hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E and Meadowfoam seed oil to keep the skin nourished as it works. This one is a little strong, so be wary if you've got sensitive skin!

I tried to keep these reviews quite concise, but if you're interested in hearing more about the ingredients of a particular mask please do let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to go into more detail! I've been loving trying out these masks for any skin concern that pops up, and I've even been multimasking with them, too. 

Complex Beauty launches this month with these six masks as well as a face mist and lip mask (that I'm definitely going to be getting my hands on!). You can sign up to be notified of their launch on their website. And in the meantime, you can follow them on Instagram - I love how they curate their feed!

What mask are you most excited about?

*Complex Beauty kindly sent me these masks to review, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.