"No Blush" Blush


I've been getting really into blush lately, though there's a catch - it's more of a "no blush" blush look. My cheeks tend to get super rosy throughout the day (thanks to those Irish genes), so I'm afraid beautiful bold blush will never be for me. I've instead been going for nude shades and a mauve or two - they don't add anything to my natural rosiness, but rather add some definition and just make the rosiness look intentional when it does pop up.

Clinique Cheek Pop, 'Nude Pop' | This is the blush that started my obsession with this look. I had been really into neutral pink blushes, but once I got this baby my eyes were opened to the world of truly nude blushes. It's a warm brown shade with just a hint of pink that keeps it out of bronzer territory, but it really warms up the skin like a bronzer would. It's just gorgeous.

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer + Blush DuoSo this really does fit into the "no blush" look, as it's not a blush at all. It's a bronzer with a small sliver of blush, but I figured it could fit here because when I wear this, I swirl both colors together to give more of a rosy bronze look. This is just beautiful - I can tell now why the Terracotta Bronzers are so hyped up.

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush, 'Earthy Blush No. 7' | I finally gave in to the Earthy Blush, and it's what inspired me to write this post. Burberry has the most beautiful powder products, and this lives up to the other products I've tried. It's a perfect nude color that adds the best hint of definition to the cheeks that I've found. If you're super pale like me, this makes for a great bronzer/contour as well depending on your placement.

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic, 'First Love' | This is one of my favorite ever blushes because it's truly the perfect neutral pink. When swirled together, the two shades create the loveliest nude pink that adds the most perfect flush that doesn't actually make me look too red. It's basically magic.

NARS Blush, 'Impassioned' | Impassioned is truly a beautiful blush shade, and I'm really glad that NARS brought it back. It's a pale mauve that doesn't look like much when swatched, but it really brings the skin to life. It goes with absolutely any look, and is a pretty good alternative to the sadly discontinued Douceur - it's just a tad cooler in tone.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, 'Mood Exposure' | This is the deepest shade of the blushes here when swatched, so I need to tread lightly for my fair skin. But this nude mauve color is simply stunning. These Hourglass blushes are some of my favorites as well - they're perfect for adding a soft radiance to the skin that isn't overloaded with shimmer.

What's your favorite "no blush" blush? Or do you like a bolder cheek color?