The Glossier Party Look: Black Tie Set

You know me when it comes to Glossier - it is completely impossible for me to resist any and every new release. When I saw the gteam teasing this new set on their Instagrams a few days before launch, I was chomping at the bit to find out what it was. I set my alarm for a few minutes early the morning of the launch and made sure a Black Tie Set would be mine.

The Black Tie Set is this year's holiday set - meant to give you the ultimate "Glossier-style" party look. The look is not quite black smudgey smokey eyes, a glassy glossy lip, holographic sheen-y skin, and the quintessential #glossierpink manicure. The set comes with a No. 1 Pencil in Graphite, Lip Gloss, Haloscope in Moonstone, and Nail Polish in (you guessed it) #glossierpink. I think if I wasn't so far sucked into the hype, I may have passed over the set, as I'm usually not much of an eyeliner- or gloss-wearer, but I'm so, so glad I picked it up.

No. 1 Pencil, 'Graphite' | If you're not into black liner because it's too intense (like me), then this is for you. It's got that soft, slightly shiny look of a real pencil, and I think the name is a cute play on the No. 2 pencils you typically use to write with. The formula is nice - it glides on smoothly with no tugging and smudges out easily (there's a little smudge-y sponge included on the end of the pencil), and once it sets it stays put. I typically have issues with my eyeliner smudging/fading throughout the day, but this one didn't seem to creep into fine lines or give me raccoon eyes throughout the day.

Lip Gloss | As I said above, I wasn't really into lip gloss, but this one has truly gotten me back into it. This one is a nice, cushion-y formula. It feels slightly thick on the lips and a little sticky, but not in an unpleasant way - it feels nourishing and like it's going to stick around for awhile, which I really appreciate. It never feels gloopy and coats the lips evenly. It gives the lips such a glassy sheen that doesn't bunch up on the lips. I'm definitely hooked, and how cute is the packaging?

Haloscope, 'Moonstone' | I pretty much bought this set to get the new Haloscope shade. I wrote a review on the Haloscopes when they first came out, and they're still my all-time favorite highlighters. I just had to get the new shade. It gives the same dewy sheen to the skin as the other Haloscope shades, but this time with a slightly more extra-terrestrial blue/silver glow. It's like Glossier's take on the holographic highlighter trend, and they certainly pulled it off. I think this is my favorite product of the set.

Nail Polish, '#glossierpink' | I've been dying to find a nail polish that was that perfect pink shade, so I really appreciate this addition. On the nails, it actually looks a lot like Essie's Fiji, but without the super finicky application. The formula is lovely and coats the nails in two coats, and the brush is perfect - it's so fat and hugs the nails perfectly. I really hope they come out with more shades, because I'd seriously buy every one for this formula. I'm on day 3 of wearing it and have only some very minor chipping on the tips of my nails (I work in a lab and am constantly banging my nails on cement blocks and washing my hands so that's super impressive). 

If you want to get your hands on a Glossier Black Tie Set, I'd definitely do it sooner rather than later. This is a limited edition release, and it'll only last until their current stock runs out or until the end of the year - whichever comes first. And if you want to get 10% off your order (and help me out), you can shop through this link!

Did you get the Black Tie Set?