2016 Beauty Favorites: Just the Highlighters

You didn't think I'd do an entire Yearly Favorites post and not include one single highlighter, did you? I couldn't narrow my picks down past seven, so I decided they deserved a post all of their own. I will say here before we jump into it, that a few of these were limited edition this year, so I'm very sorry - I still wanted to mention them, though.

Glossier Haloscope (review) | The Haloscope in Quartz has become my favorite highlighter of all time, and if you've seen my collection, that's saying something. It looks so naturally dewy on the skin and yet can be built up to look quite intense - it makes it look like you're just bathing in hydration. There's now three shades, Quartz, Topaz, and Moonstone, and while I adore all three, Quartz is just number one for me.

Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator* (review) | If you want something that looks like the Haloscopes but just a little more shimmery/intense, than you need this little beauty. It gives a super wet-looking sheen to the skin, and since it has both gold and silver tones in it, it will look lovely on a variety of skintones.

Cover FX The Perfect Light Highlighting Powder, 'Moonlight' | I spent much of the summer trying to get my hands on the Custom Cover Drops, but I'm glad I saved my pennies for this newer launch. Lately I'm into a slightly less metallic and more dewy sheen on my cheeks, and this is perfect for that. It's quite a silvery shade rather than gold, so it works perfectly for my pale skin. There are two more shades that are deeper and warmer, though. I got this a couple months ago and have been using it pretty much every day. 

Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, 'Supernova' (review) | I'm really into the colored highlighter trend that came out this year. Milk's Holographic Stick melts into the skin and leaves a beautifully unique lavender-blue sheen. It's not too intense, but when it catches the light it's really something.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow KitThis really is one of the most beautiful products I've ever seen, and I'm really glad they brought it back. Like the Milk Holographic Stick, these highlighters give off a colored sheen on the skin that can go from barely there to otherworldly. My favorite shades were Blue Ice and Pink Heart, and they looked super cool mixed, too.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, 'Rose Quartz' | This is one that I hope will make a reappearance in 2017. The pale pink shade looks absolutely beautiful as a highlight, and this was my powder highlight of choice before I started using the Cover FX one. I definitely need to try more highlighters from BECCA in the new year.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 (review) | I don't know how I forgot to include the pigment in the photo, but wearing these products layered has been one of my favorites of the year. Unfortunately I think these are gone for good, but they are absolutely amazing. The 'Nude' shade of the double-ended stick looks super similar to Glossier Quartz though, if you're wondering! Pat McGrath is the queen of glowing skin, so it's no surprise her highlighters would be super impressive.

Did you have one favorite product category this year, or a mix of everything?