Tartelette in Bloom

Around this time last year I posted a review of the original Tartelette palette. Since I had the original, I had no plans whatsoever to buy its new-ish counterpart, the Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette. But then my sister got it for Christmas, and it just looked so beautiful that I basically couldn't stop thinking about it for two months.

Looking at the two palettes, I can definitely say I prefer this one. I like that it's still made up of mostly matte shades, but it does have those few shimmers in there - it gives it a bit more versatility. This one has more neutral and warm tones overall, as the previous palette seemed to be split by row into warm, plum, and cool shades. Despite having cool-toned skin, I definitely tend to prefer more warm-toned shadows, so I love the color selection of this palette - they just look so much richer as a whole.

The formula is pretty much the same lovely quality from the previous palette. Most of the shades are beautifully buttery and smooth, and every color is quite pigmented. I will say that the three darkest shades feel a bit chalky when swatched, but they don't apply patchily and still blend out just as well as the others. With a primer, these last all day long on me, too, without creasing or fading. This palette has gotten me out of my no-eyeshadow rut lately, and every morning I wake up excited to apply my makeup so I can use this. For a really minimal look for work I've been using the first two shades in the bottom row - the shimmery one all over the lid (it's the perfect everyday champagne) and the matte one in the crease. I've also been loving Firework, the coppery bronze shimmer in the second row, paired with Smarty Pants, the second shade in the second row. I like that all these shades go very well with one another, not just colors within the same row. At the moment, this is my favorite eyeshadow palette I own.

Have you tried the Tartelette in Bloom Palette yet?