The Five-Step Freshen Up

Do you ever have one of those long days where you're just dying to freshen up? Right around that 2pm slump is when I feel the need for some kind of beauty pick-me-up most. When I'm feeling tired and drained, I find using a few key products really turn the day around and energize me again.

DRY SHAMPOO | When your hair's falling flat and feeling that midday slump just as hard as you are, a dry shampoo really comes in handy. I love the Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo because I really like the invigorating minty scent - it actually feels cooling on your scalp, too. It really wakes me up, and out of all the dry shampoos I've tried, it soaks up excess oil best. Plus, it doesn't leave that annoying white cast in my hair or leave it feeling weighed down with product.

FRAGRANCE | I love using a light fragrance or body spray as a pick-me-up during the day - full-on perfumes feel too heavy for me at this point. Lately I can't stop spritzing myself with the Anese Hydrating Body and Hair Elixir* (full review). I've got the Marshmallow Pine scent, and it smells so, so nice - like a fresh open forest. Spraying this all over really lifts my mood, and since it's filled with skin-loving ingredients like witch hazel and aloe, it's doing some good too. Don't forget you can use the code kelseyanese to get $5 off!

FACE MIST | Nothing feels better after a long day than a nice rosewater facial spray to me. Lately I've been using the Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist. It's so soothing on the skin, and the coconut water makes it super hydrating as well - perfect for skin that probably drank up all your moisturizer hours ago. 

NON-CLUMPING MASCARA | Sometimes it's not only your hair falling flat, but your lashes too. I find layering on a light coat of mascara works wonders. It's important to use a light formula so it won't clump up. My favorite for this (you probably already guessed it) is the Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara. It's just so good at fanning out and separating the lashes that it layers perfectly over anything, fully reviving some possibly sad-looking lashes.

COMPLEXION-BRIGHTENING LIP | The last product I reach for to really liven myself up is a lip product in a bold (but not too bold) hue. These really bring life back to the face without being too over-the-top for everyday. Some favorites include the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Mother (a lovely pinky-mauve shade that'll stay put through dinner), the Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Wildflower (the prettiest strawberry pink gloss), the Revlon Colorstay Balm Stain in Adore (a longstanding favorite sheer "bitten" red), and the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil in Keep It Classy (another nice pinky-mauve - also sorry, US readers). 

With these five products, you're sure to feel like a better, perkier, more chipper version of you. What do you reach for when you're needing a pick-me-up?