Brows on Point with Billion Dollar Brows

It seems that more and more brands are catching on to the fact that micro pencils are some of the best tools for defining the brows. I've been loyal to them ever since I tried the Anastasia Brow Wiz, so when I got the chance to try the new Brows on Point Micro Pencil* from Billion Dollar Brows, I jumped at the chance to compare.

The Brows on Point Micro Pencil comes in four shades: Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe, and Raven. Although this seems like a small selection, the colors are quite versatile and I can imagine them suiting a wide range of people. I've tried all four colors on my own brows, and they are all pretty wearable. Blonde is the perfect light ashy brown - I'm not blonde, but this is perfect when I want a lighter/more natural brow. Light Brown is the only one I have some trouble with, as it's a bit warm for me. It will be perfect on those with red hair or warm-toned hair in general. Taupe is probably the perfect shade for me, as it's a true cool-toned brown. Raven is a deeper version of Taupe, perfect for those with the deepest hair colors.

The pencils are softer than the Brow Wiz, I find, though this makes it a lot easier to customize and control the color you get. It's why the four shades can fit so many hair colors - you can apply with light pressure to get a paler shade, or use more pressure to get more color payoff. I thought the Raven shade would look too dark and unnatural on me, but when a light hand, it still is a nice shade for me. I have a few spots in my brows that products usually don't like to stick to, but these pencils did with no problem - I think it comes down to the softer, less waxy texture. It flawlessly glides on so I find it super easy to apply, and even on rushed mornings I can still have nicely defined brows. I've found they last just as well as the other waterproof brow pencils I've tried - my brows look the same when I wash my makeup off at night as they did when I applied my makeup in the morning. I'm super excited to have found yet another dupe for the Brow Wiz, and I really think that the Billion Dollar Brows Taupe shade suits me better than my usual shade in the Brow Wiz!

Have you tried the new Brows on Point Micro Pencil? What's your preferred brow product - pencil, powder, or pomade?

*This post has been sponsored by BrandBacker, but all opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for more info.