Dewy Skin in a Bottle (or Two)

It's absolutely no secret that I love me some glowy skin. And I mean on my own face, not in a "it puts the lotion in the basket" sort of way. I'm constantly using products to give me a glow - since my skin is quite dehydrated and lackluster, it seems to be a case of wanting what I don't have. If I had oily skin I feel like I'd just bask in my natural dewiness. But until then, I've found the perfect combination of base products to give me the dewiest, healthiest looking skin.

I've long sung my praises of the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. I've been using it for just over a year now, and it's the one product I always go back to. I'd go so far as to say it's my favorite ever base product. I like that it actually feels moisturizing on the skin - some other tinted moisturizer-esque products I've tried have promised to be moisturizing but have just ended up feeling chalky and dry on my skin. It gives a decent amount of coverage (I prefer light coverage anyway), and it gives the skin a gorgeous healthy glow. Despite being so dewy-looking, it sets down and doesn't transfer, and I can never feel it on my skin at all.

I constantly feel the need to try new products, but my love for the Complexion Rescue is so strong that I wasn't really into trying a whole new base product. Instead, I started looking for ways I could just amp up the dew factor. I immediately thought of my new favorite primer, the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter. At first, I tried simply applying the primer before the Complexion Rescue, as one usually does with a primer, and I instantly knew I had a winning combination on my hands. Since the Complexion Rescue allows your skin to show through the coverage, the glowiness of the BECCA primer really shines through. The BECCA primer adds a beautiful soft golden glow to the skin (despite being super fair, it still looks like a natural glow on me) that helps to diffuse the light over imperfections, so it actually helps the Complexion Rescue hide darker blemishes it wouldn't normally cover on its own. 

After trying this combo in two steps for awhile, I started to get that itch for something new again. So again, instead of buying something new, I tried mixing the two together and applying them at once. And I found it made my skin even dewier. I mix maybe one half to three quarters of a pump of the BECCA primer with about two pea-sized dollops of the Complexion Rescue and simply smear it all over my face and blend it in with my fingers. It's perfect for more rushed mornings because you get the two steps in one. I find the makeup lasts just as long as when I use the primer in the proper way, and mixing the two doesn't seem to decrease the coverage at all. Right now this is pretty much all I've been wearing on my face, and I just can't get enough of the effect of these two beauties combined.

What are your favorite dewy skin products?