The Spring Morning Skincare Routine

In recent weeks I've had a bit of a skincare shake-up, and I'm trying to be more consistent in the products I use. Since adopting more concrete routines, my skin has seen a major improvement. I've picked through my collection to put together the perfect routine for spring mornings - it cleanses my skin of any dirt and product from the night before, and it also prepares my skin for the day ahead.

CLEANSE | I've still been completely obsessed with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. It's definitely my favorite facial cleanser I've ever tried. It's perfect for mornings because it's great at cleansing the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, clean, and nourished. It's so lightweight and doesn't leave any kind of film on the skin, and it's just perfectly suited to a spring morning.

ESSENCE | Has anyone else noticed the jump in the hype around the SKII Essence lately? I'm a sucker for hype but there was no way I was going to drop around $100 on what just feels like fancy face water, so I ended up pulling the lone essence in my collection to start using again. I don't know why I ever stopped using the Mizon Water Volume EX First Essence,* but it's now a rediscovered favorite. In a typical Korean skincare routine you'd use an essence after a cleanser and a toner, but seeing as I'm pretty rushed in the mornings I go for this without toner first. It's the consistency of water but it really penetrates into the skin and leaves it healthy and hydrated. After using this consistently I've really noticed an improvement in the brightness, tone, and overall hydration of my skin.

EYE CREAM | I've been really keeping up with applying an eye cream lately, as I've noticed my concealer doesn't crease nearly as much when I've remembered to apply one. My favorite is the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - this is definitely worth every bit of hype it receives. It's super thick when you first get it out of the tub, but as you warm it up and work it into the skin it becomes much thinner and spreads and sinks into the skin easily. It's so hydrating without making the eye area greasy (a dealbreaker in my book, because eye makeup smudges on me as it is!).

SERUM | I'm not sure if the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid (review) is meant to be used as a serum, but that's how I use it. It's a thin fluid that I pat into the skin, and it immediately gives a nice hit of hydration. I've found it really helps to keep my skin from drying out throughout the day, despite working in a super dry cement lab.

MOISTURIZE | Although I still use quite a bit of hydrating products, I need to start picking slightly lighter textures when the weather warms up. I don't have oily skin by any definition, but thicker creams tend to just feel too heavy in the heat. My absolute favorite right now is the Purlisse Pur Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer.* This has a slightly runny texture that still feels ultra nourishing on the skin. What I love most about it, especially for warmer weather, is that it seems to set down to a more velvety finish. It's not mattifying, but it's not greasy like some creams can be. It's an absolutely beautiful moisturizer that's just a dream to use.

PROTECT | If I'm not wearing makeup with SPF or if I'm planning on spending time outside, I'll opt for the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 to make sure my skin is protected from the sun. This comes out of the pump with a thin, runny texture, but it feels quite thick as you rub it into the skin. I think it's because this is a physical SPF rather than a chemical one - they tend to feel a bit heavier on the skin. But this moisturizer is nice and lightweight, and once it sinks into the skin you don't feel it at all. I love that it has a higher SPF rating as well, being such a pale-skinned gal. 

What products do you reach for in the morning?

*Some of these products have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.