Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

I'm sure by now you've heard all about Urban Decay discontinuing all of their lipsticks and coming out with the new Vice Lipsticks, a collection of 100 shades in 6 different finishes. I had never tried any of Urban Decay's old lipsticks, but I was so surprised by this ballsy move that I had to give at least one a try. And after trying it, three more found their way into my online Sephora cart. I ended up with Sheer Liar, a sheer formula, Backtalk, a comfort matte formula, Ravenswood, a cream formula, and Tampered, another comfort matte.

Top to Bottom: Sheer Liar, Backtalk, Ravenswood, Tampered

Top to Bottom: Sheer Liar, Backtalk, Ravenswood, Tampered

Sheer Liar | I had been tempted to pick up Sheer Liar in Urban Decay's old line of lipsticks but never got around to it, so I just had to get it when I saw it had been resurrected. For me, it's just the perfect nude. It's a little pink and a little peach, and the subtle shine really enhances the lips. It's not quite as sheer as the name makes it seem, but it is still more sheer than my other picks. It's a super comfortable formula on the lips, creamy and a bit hydrating, but this does cut down the longevity a little. I typically have to reapply every two hours or so and after eating.

Backtalk | This is the first one I picked up, and I'm still smitten. It's such a lovely mauve neutral, which are my favorite colors to wear, so it's the one I've gotten the most wear out of so far. The comfort matte formula is my favorite of the three I've tried - it really does live up to its name. It has a little more of a satin finish, rather than matte, but it still sticks around for most of the day without needing another application.

Ravenswood | Another neutral - why not? Ravenswood is more of a dusty rose shade with more red and brown tones in it than Backtalk. It actually pairs extremely well with MAC's Whirl Lip Pencil. I wear this one when I want something a little more noticeable than Sheer Liar or Backtalk. The cream formula is lovely as well. It has a true satin finish rather than a glossy one, and its weartime is somewhere between the sheer formula and the comfort matte.

Tampered | I watched BeautyWithEmilyFox's swatch video of all 100 shades (this is how I picked all of these, as we have similar skintones), and Tampered was probably my favorite of all 100. It's a beautiful deep dusty rose - it seems to be the same color as Ravenswood, just a few shades darker. This one makes more of a statement, but it still goes well with many makeup looks because it's still a neutral. Again, the comfort matte is beautiful and the perfect formula for this kind of shade. If I was braver with what colors I wear to work and such, this would definitely be the shade I reach for the most.

Have you tried any of the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks? What shades are your favorite?