My Favorite Podcasts

I'm taking a quick break from the beauty posts today. With my new job this year came a much, much longer commute. It's taken about six or seven months (I can't believe I've already been at my new job that long), but I've finally realized I much prefer listening to podcasts in the car rather than music, especially on my way home. I get anxiety about driving, and listening to these podcasts has seemed to really help. There are four that I'm subscribed to and that are my go-tos, and unsurprisingly half of them have to do with beauty.

FAT MASCARAThis is my number one favorite. I listened to all the available episodes and then started listening to them again from the beginning while waiting for new ones. This podcast is by Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire Beauty Editor Jennifer Goldstein, so they really know their stuff. Every week's episode covers beauty news, some products they've been loving, and an interview with someone in the beauty industry. So far, my favorite episode has been #23, where cosmetic chemist Ni'kita Wilson is the interviewee. 

LADIES WHO LUNCHThis is the one that got me into podcasts - I'm a big fan of Ingrid Nilsen, so when I heard she was starting a podcast with Cat Valdes (from Catrific), I subscribed right away. They talk about a different lifestyle issue/topic every week, and they're both a joy to listen to as they're so eloquent and intelligent. It's really interesting when they disagree on a topic, but they're able to communicate their opinions with grace. My favorite episode so far has been the episode on marriage - they brought two of their friends in, and they all had different opinions on marriage, from if they want to get married to whether they'd change their last name.

THE BEAUTY BRAINSThe other beauty podcast I've been listening to is this one by two cosmetic scientists, so it's really educational and informative. I'm a huge science nerd, so I love listening to these guys debunk the latest beauty myth or hyped-up product. This podcast has been around for awhile so I'm still working on catching up. My favorite episode so far has been one of their earlier episodes where they explain what a cosmetic scientist does (sense a theme here?). I work in a product development lab (in a completely unrelated field to cosmetics), so a lot of it overlapped, but it was interesting to hear of the differences.

YOU MUST REMEMBER THISI don't mention it much here, but I have such a huge interest in Old Hollywood actors and actresses. This podcast presents extremely well-researched mini biographies on different important people of the Old Hollywood era. Each episode typically focuses on a different person/related group of people, and there are a few multi-episode series (right now there's a series about Joan Crawford). I had already known a bit about the era in general because of my intense interest in it, but it's so fascinating to hear more details about a specific actor or actress, or what else was happening in the world during their rise to fame. A lot of the episodes are quite sad, as a lot of them lived somewhat unhappy lives, but it's still definitely a favorite of mine to listen to at the end of a long day. My favorite episode so far has been the one about Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, part of the series about stars during World War II - it's a heartbreaking one, though.

Do you like listening to podcasts? Let me know your favorites, I need more to listen to while waiting for new episodes of these four to come out!