Falling (Back) in Love with Dior

Although I haven't been too successful with my spending ban, I've still been making an effort to go through my collection and pull out old favorites. Lately I've fallen back in love with some bits from Dior, from my once holy grail foundation to some beautiful (and hyped-up) lip products.

Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing MakeupIf you've been reading this blog for awhile you might remember when I went crazy for this. I recently started wearing it again and I must say, it's such a beautiful foundation. It has a medium coverage and a satin finish, but it really looks like skin. It gives the skin such a radiance without actually being shiny or greasy, so it lasts perfectly on me throughout the day without needing any touchups. I'm not sure why I ever stopped using this foundation, but it's made its way back into my daily routine.

Fusion Mono Eyeshadow, 'Meteore' | This is a more recent addition from the brand - I mentioned it in my Five to Try post last month. I had always thought these were cream shadows, but it's more of one of those "bouncy" cream/powder hybrids. The shade Meteore is a beautiful warm bronze that's perfect for everyday. On top of a primer it lasts all day long without creasing on me, which is pretty much a miracle in my book. If you haven't swatched these eyeshadows before, you have to.

Lip GlowThis fancy lip balm has had such a hype around it for such a long time. It's a really nourishing lip treatment that adjusts to your body temperature/pH that results in your own customized shade of pink. It's perfect for minimal makeup days, as it adds such a brightness to the face while still looking like you're only wearing a balm. I've gone through over half of my tube, and I definitely see myself repurchasing this one.

Lip MaximizerAnother hyped-up lip product, the Lip Maximizer is a lip-plumping gloss. It doesn't feel sticky or goopy at all and instead feels rather nourishing and "cushion-y" on the lips. The lip-plumping properties are subtle but definitely there - it has a slight minty tingle so you know it's working, but it's not uncomfortable. Mine is the Beige Sunrise shade, but it's so sheerly pigmented that I'm sure all of the colors look very similar on the lips. I love wearing this one over a lip liner (usually MAC's Whirl) for an easy everyday lip.

What's your favorite product from Dior? What products have you re-discovered in your collection lately?