Four Blogs to Follow

I've been reading blogs for such a long time, longer than I've been writing my own. I love having a read through other people's blogs - seeing them working so hard and being so passionate is super motivating and inspiring. There are tons of blogs I try to stay up-to-date on, but right now there are four from which I make sure to never miss a post.


Cindy's blog is a work of art - her photos are gorgeous, every post is informative and well-thought-out, and I just love how she lays out the photos and text in each post. She makes me want pretty much every product she features because she manages to make it look so gorgeous in photos. We have really similar taste in products, so I always have a browse of her blog if I'm feeling spendy - lately she's got me wanting to try all things Tatcha.

Amelia Says

Amelia's blog is another one that's just beautiful - I just love how she plays with light in photos! She's a huge Glossier fangirl like me, and like Cindy, we also have similar taste. She writes the most detailed, well-researched posts on skincare ingredients that are super interesting. You can really see the amount of work and creativity that she puts into every post, so it always leaves me coming back for more.

The Minimal Journal

Caitlin's blog is one that I've only started reading recently, and I can't believe I didn't start earlier. She brings such a refreshing attitude towards beauty, focusing on a more pared-back approach rather than the "buy everything" mentality you see a lot nowadays. She's another one with lovely photos, and she always posts the most beautiful looks. She's really talented, and I love how she pairs a more dramatic eye with fresh skin - those kinds of looks are right up my alley.

Thirteen Thoughts

Paula's blog has been one of my favorites for awhile. She writes a mix of beauty, lifestyle, and blogging tips posts that are always so well-written and interesting. I'm sounding like a broken record here, but her photos are absolutely beautiful as well - you can really tell they're hers when you see them. I especially love her tips posts - they're actually some of the only tips posts I read because she comes off as genuinely helpful and not at all preachy. I've learned some super useful camera tricks from her!

What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?