Glossier's New Fragrance that Smells Like You


Glossier has been killing it with their new releases this year, and their latest one pushes them into another new realm of beauty: fragrance. They've just launched their first perfume, Glossier You. As the name suggests, it's meant to be more of an "enhancer" kind of scent, working with your body chemistry to smell like the best version of You. The whole concept fits in so well with Glossier's minimal, "you're beautiful the way you are" message.


Glossier You is designed to smell the same for pretty much the whole time you're wearing it, meaning it consists mainly of base notes. There's of course some (synthetic) musk in there to mimic that warm, skinlike smell, as well as ambrox and ambrette, giving it a smooth, comfy vibe. It also has top notes of iris and pink pepper for a sparkling and fresh opening that mellows gracefully into the aforementioned musk. It leaves such a "familiar" smell on the skin, like the way I've always wanted to smell. It makes me feel grown up and put-together, even if I've just rolled out of bed. I've been describing it as the way I want my favorite fragrance to smell after I've been wearing it all day - except it smells that way from the get-go. Glossier says, "Please be advised that the formula comes incomplete. You are the first ingredient." I love that. It really does feel like a natural smell. Your skin, but lovelier.

Because it's got a lot of base notes, it lasts quite a long time (on me, anyway - all body chemistries are different!). I can spray it on at 6am and still smell it on my clothes and body when I come home from work at 5pm. It barely changes as the day goes on, too - it just gets slightly muskier as those sharper top notes wear away. It feels like such a natural scent that I've been wearing it everywhere and getting lots of compliments on it. It's not a "what perfume are you wearing?" but a "You smell good!" You wear the perfume, not the other way around.

Lastly, can we just talk about the bottle? It's weighty and glass and fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. I love the thumbprint indent detail - it makes it so easy and pleasing to hold, and it helps convey that "meant for you" feeling. Like, "it fits in my hand perfectly."

I'm seriously into Glossier You - you can order yours through and get 10% off your first order (or just to support me if it's not!). If you're not into buying fragrances blindly, all orders will come with a sample of You. Glossier You can be shipped to continental US and Canada as well as the UK, and is $60/$75CAD/£45 for 50 mL.

Will you be trying You?

Glossier You was sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. I make a small commission on orders through my rep link, and I direct that money back into my blog. Your orders allow me to try Glossier's new launches, too!