An Ode to Burberry Rosewood


If I had to choose just one shade to wear all over for the rest of my life, I would without a doubt pick Burberry Rosewood. This cult classic rosy brown shade just works anywhere, on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, for a defined, neutral look. I love me a good pinky brown, and Burberry just does it so well. I love the shade so much that I have it in three of their formulas.

My first introduction to Rosewood was in the Wet and Dry Silk Shadow. I'll admit I only bought Rosewood because my first choice, Pale Barley, was out of stock at the time, but I think it was fate. It's become my quick, everyday shadow when I want to look a little more chic and put together. Somehow my products always look less used in my photos, but trust me, this guy's got a good dent in it. The formula is beautifully light and buildable and has the perfect amount of sheen to it, and it lasts all day without creasing on me. 


Once I fell in love with the powder eyeshadow, I decided it would be most practical to also get the Rosewood shade of the Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pen. I use cream products more often than powders, so I needed this beloved shade in eyeshadow stick form to really use every day. This goes on sheer and is super sheeny - it gives a glossy lid look without feeling like a sticky mess. It does crease a bit, but it's so blendable that it's easy to pat back into place. Now my go-to look is a base of the eyeshadow stick with the powder eyeshadow on top - Rosewood overload. I also love quickly scribbling a bit of this on my cheekbones for a super easy, glowy, and sculpted cheek. It has a bit of that Tarte Exposed quality, where you think it's going to do nothing but makes you look so pulled together after.

My last Rosewood product is the Liquid Lip Velvet in Dark Rosewood - slightly different shade, but still that same rosy brown goodness. I love the Lip Velvet formula - they're aptly named. It's a whipped mousse-like formula that feels weightless on the lips and is incredibly comfortable. They don't totally dry out my lips, but they do have some transfer. I love Dark Rosewood and it's always a good autumn standard. It's a little deeper than my usual neutrals, but it stands out without being too crazy.

Do you have a favorite makeup shade?

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