Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows | Review + Swatches

Luckily I'm not too easily swayed by hype these days, but after the initial launch of Colourpop's new pressed eyeshadows and hearing my sister rave about them, I just had to place an order. I ordered while they had their promotion for a free eyeshadow celebrating hitting 1 million likes on Facebook, so I paid for 8 shadows and got the 9th for free - I had gotten a small empty Z Palette from Amazon to put them in. They already have quite a good range of shades, and I'm sure they'll expand that in the coming months. I'm super excited about the palette I was able to put together - I've never made a custom palette before!

I'm very pleasantly surprised with these eyeshadows. I'm not saying I had low expectations, but I really wasn't expecting to love them as much as I do. Of course, some shades perform better than others, but you find that with most brands. Overall, the shades are very pigmented and blend out super easily without getting muddy or patchy. And I haven't experienced any fallout with the shades I've chosen. I do experience some creasing at the very end of the day (with primer), but this happens to me with almost all eyeshadows - the only ones I've found that have not done this are from Anastasia. In fact, the consistency of these shadows remind me a lot of the Anastasia ones.

Fire Fly, Liar Liar, Wait For It, Come & Get It, Made To Last, High Strung, Bel Air, Milli, Cute Alert

Fire Fly, Liar Liar, Wait For It, Come & Get It, Made To Last, High Strung, Bel Air, Milli, Cute Alert

Fire FlyFire Fly is a matte pale beige shade. It's very close to my skintone, so it works really well as an all-over lid shade to set my eyeshadow primer and to make sure all other eyeshadows will blend well on top of it. It feels super buttery to the touch and is really pigmented.

Liar LiarLiar Liar is a shimmery pink champagne shade. This is not as soft and buttery as the other shades I have, but it still performs really well and doesn't feel chunky. It's quite metallic and works really well as an inner corner highlight.

Wait For ItI was super excited for this shade. It's a matte bright peach shade that's unlike anything in my collection. It's soft to the touch and not powdery or chalky, and it makes for a super pretty and unique transition shade.

Come & Get It - Come & Get It is absolutely gorgeous. It's a rosy pink shade with a beautiful gold duochrome sheen. It makes for a really unique all-over lid shade, and it looks really pretty with Wait For It blown out in the crease.

Made To LastMade To Last is a matte neutral mauve shade that's such a typical "me" shade. It looks really nice in the crease paired with slightly cooler-toned shadows, which is usually my go-to look. This shade is also really soft to the touch.

High StrungOk, this one is my favorite. It's an ultra-metallic bronze-y rose shade that swatches the most beautifully out of the bunch I've got here. It's insanely pigmented and looks beautiful all over the lid. I can definitely see myself hitting pan on this one.

Bel AirI got Bel Air to have an alternative to Made To Last for a crease shade for warmer looks. It's a neutral taupe shade that goes with just about everything. 

Milli - This was the exclusive shade they were giving away for reaching 1 million Likes on Facebook. Hopefully they bring it on as a permanent shade because it's a stunning warm bronze that performs just as well as High Strung.

Cute Alert - I knew I wanted a deep shade for creating a more smokey eye, so I went with this burgundy shade. It's stunning blended lightly in the outer corner, especially with shades like Come & Get It and High Strung. It's not quite as pigmented as some of the other shades here, but it performs well just the same.

Have you tried any of Colourpop's Pressed Eyeshadows yet? What shades are on your wishlist?