I Switched to a Men's Razor (And You Should, Too)


With spring just around the corner (happy March, everyone!), it's really got me thinking about getting my legs out in shorts and dresses soon. And every year I dread shaving my legs (I know I don't *have* to, I just prefer it for myself). In recent years I have developed some kind of sensitivity to shaving/removing the hair on my legs - I end up with the ITCHIEST legs ever, and it's borderline unbearable. I had tried razor after razor and shaving cream after shaving cream, and nothing was helping. So when the lovely people at Harry's reached out and offered to send me a Shaving Set to try, I thought I had nothing to lose.

Harry's is a razor subscription service - you pick your razor and the frequency of deliveries, so you'll never be without a fresh blade again. I love this aspect because I've been stuck with no razor blades because I forgot to pick some up while grocery shopping more often than not. And because Harry's sells directly from their factory in Germany, they're able to charge lower prices per blade - most razors cost around $4 or more per blade, while Harry's are $2 or less. I'm always horrifically whiney at having to drop another $25 on a pack of razor blade refills, so this lower price is oh so welcome. You can also buy the razors and refill cartridges on their own without a subscription, but you will save money if you subscribe. You can start a free trial here and only pay $3 shipping.


But what about the quality? Well, I'll just say I've been blown away. I've been using women's razors the whole time I've been shaving, and I've often heard they just don't compare to men's (despite usually being more expensive). Harry's has really proven that - they show that sometimes simpler really is better. I think all the extra lotion bars and shaving cream strips were just crowding my old razors and cutting down on their effectiveness. With Harry's, each cartridge has five blades and a lubricating strip, and that's it. It gives me an incredibly close shave on my legs, and the flex hinge is perfect for maneuvering around the ankles and knees without cutting myself up.

I chose the Winston handle for my kit, and it's just beautiful - weighty and easy to hold. The kit also came with the Foaming Shave Gel, which I've also been enjoying using. It's "sticky" enough to not run off my legs before I can get to razor on them, but not so much that I can't rinse it off the razor. It smells quite masculine, but I really like the scent and it doesn't linger. The best part, I've found, of this new system is that I haven't had any awful itchy-leg reactions. Not at all. So hooray for me to actually be able to shave my legs without turning into some kind of rash-troll this spring and summer, all thanks to Harry's. 

Have you ever tried Harry's, or men's razors in general? How do you think they compare?

I was sent the Harry's Winston Shaving Set for the purpose of this review, but all opinions and results are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.