Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con No. 7 | The Lover

I've pretty much been lusting after a Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con No. 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette ever since the whole line launched - the only problem was none of the color collections really spoke to me. The neutral option, "The Lolita," seemed a little too similar to things I already had, and a little too neutral, which I didn't know was possible for me. Fast forward to late last year when I noticed the new palette called "The Lover" on Sephora's website, and it was frankly love at first sight.

I've been thinking about what kind of makeup I'll wear when I get married for the longest time, and as soon as I laid eyes on this palette I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The main color of my wedding is going to be blush pink, so this lineup of shades is perfect. My sister got me this palette for Christmas this past year after I couldn't shut up about it for months.

Each Style Eye Con palette comes with seven shades, and The Lover palette is a collection of rosy neutrals. These are just my absolute favorite shades at the moment, as I'm really having a love affair with everything blush pink. This palette is best for softer eyeshadow looks, as there's really only that last darker brown shade to deepen things up. I'm all about a soft eye look though, so this palette is right up my alley. 

Every shade is beautiful and pigmented. The mattes are buttery smooth without being chalky, and the shimmers are creamy and not chunky. I'm amazed by the palest pink shade on the far left of the palette - look how pigmented the swatch is! It makes for the perfect highlight shade for a tonal pink look. The shades all go so well together without just looking like repeats of the same shade over and over (which is how I sometimes feel about the UD Naked3). They do kick up some powder when you place a brush in the pan (ABH shadows do this, too), which isn't an issue for me, but I know some people get annoyed by that. I haven't experienced any fallout with any of the shades, either, so the shadows are not powdery once picked up. They build up on the lid beautifully and also work well as a sheer wash of color. The buttery smooth texture blends effortlessly without getting patchy or muddy, too. When used with a primer, these also lasted all day long on me without creasing or fading. It's a wedding day contender for sure.

Have you tried any of the Style Eye Con Eyeshadow Palettes? 'The Lover' seems to be limited edition, so you better go snap it up soon if you're into it!