KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipsticks | Review + Swatches

Guys, I tried so hard not to give in to the hype of these, I really did. I had told myself I was done buying Kylie Cosmetics products (I had never had a bad experience, but supporting a company that didn't have the best customer service record felt a little funny to me), but these just drew me in with their beautiful packaging and promise of a creamy, comfortable formula. Plus my friend Jewlie was raving about them, so I needed to see what the fuss was all about. 

Let's talk shipping - I've never had any issues with Kylie Cosmetics, like I said above, but this time, my order took a full two weeks to ship. When I hadn't gotten a shipping notification after 14 days, I sent an email to customer service. Within fifteen minutes of sending that email, I got a shipping notification, which felt a little fishy to me. Nevertheless, I got my lipsticks two days later and was a happy camper. 

The four liquid lipsticks in a new "creme" formula were done in collaboration with Kim Kardashian West, who is pretty much known as the queen of the nude lip. There are four nude shades, which to the untrained eye might look quite similar, but they're different ok?! There's Kimberly, a true beige-y nude, Kim, a peachy nude, Kiki, a pink nude, and Kimmie, a deeper warm nude. Some people are cringing at KKW naming all four shades after herself, but I wouldn't expect anything less - if they're all her go-to nude shades, why shouldn't they all be named after her? All four shades are beautiful, although Kimberly (and maybe Kim and Kiki, too) might be too light for people with anything deeper than a medium skintone. I love them all except for Kim - it's just a little too peach for me, but I'm passing it along to my sister since it was the one shade in the collection she wanted. 

T-B | Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie

T-B | Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie

The formula is one of my favorite liquid lips so far. It's not long lasting (I can get maybe two hours before needing to reapply), but it doesn't claim to be. These days, I'd much rather wear a comfortable lip product than something that lasts all day but zaps all moisture from my lips. They have a thin formula that lets a bit of your natural lip shade shine through, which I appreciate in a nude lip - it makes it more wearable for me. Despite not being super pigmented, they aren't streaky and are easy to get an even application. Once on the lips, they feel lightweight and almost moisturizing, like how a creamy bullet lipstick would feel on the lips. They fade evenly over time and wear away while eating, but you're never left with an unsightly ring around your lips. They're easy to reapply without needing to wipe everything off.

The thing I like the most about these is how they look on the lips - they seem to smooth over lines and make my lips look a little fuller and pouty-er. I went into this set being fully skeptical, but Kylie has won me over again.

I got these when they restocked, and I've heard rumors of them being restocked again, but for the time being they're not on the website. I'll update this post if I hear any restocking news, so either keep an eye out here or on Kylie Cosmetics's social media channels. If you love a good nude lip, I'd definitely say these are worth picking up.