NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection | Tint, Tint, & More Tint

If I was forced to choose one makeup brand to use for the rest of my life, I'm sure it would be NARS. I haven't yet tried a product from them that's disappointed me, and I don't really expect to find one that does anytime soon. When their latest collection, a collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg, dropped, I instantly knew I needed to pick up a few pieces. The collection is meant to mimic Charlotte Gainsbourg's signature look - fresh, dewy skin and sultry smokey eyes. I couldn't afford to get everything from the collection, so I picked up a few new formulas I spotted - the Hydrating Glow Tint, the Multiple Tint, and the Lip Tint.

The product I was most excited for was the Hydrating Glow Tint. Anything with "glow" or "tint" in the name instantly draws me in, and despite having a drawer full of glowy, lightweight foundations, I needed to give this one a go. It comes out as more of a mousse-y, almost whipped texture, and spreads and blends easily on the skin. For being called a "tint," it certainly gives more coverage than I was expecting - it's still on the light side, but it's definitely more than sheer. It's quite hydrating without feeling oily or heavy, and it gives the skin a super healthy glow that's not greasy. It seems to set well on its own, too, so it doesn't feel tacky throughout the day. It really reminds me of the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, which is one of my favorites, so it's no surprise that this has already become a favorite, too.

I've only tried one of the original NARS Multiples, but being such a fan of a flushed, natural look for my cheeks, I was super excited to give this new Multiple Tint a go. I got the shade Jeanette, which is a sheer berry shade. This looks fresh and dewy on the skin but doesn't feel sticky. It gives such a natural flush to the skin - it's a little more pink than one of my favorite berry-colored blushes, the Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze, so it's justifiable (*insert winking emoji here*). It blends into the skin super easily and leaves a stain effect. I've only tried it on the cheeks so far, but I will report back with how it does on the lips.

I've been really into more sheer lip options lately, so the new Lip Tint seemed like it was right up my alley. I got the shade Ephelide, described as an "antique rose." It goes on the lips like a creamy glaze of color. This more neutral shade isn't streaky, although I've heard a couple people mention it takes more work to get an even coat from the deeper shades. It's quite comfortable on the lips, but as a glossy color, it doesn't have the best lasting power. I don't mind this, however, because it's easy to reapply throughout the day. Like the Multiple Tint, this leaves a bit of a tint to the lips as the gloss wears away. Overall I love the pieces from this collection, and I'm super tempted to pick up one of the eyeshadow duos before it's gone for good.

Have you tried anything from the NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg collection?