Nudestix #BabeBoss Faves Box | Review + Swatches

A brand I haven't gotten around to trying much, but that's been impressing me left and right lately, is Nudestix. Just last month I reviewed two of their new Nudies All Over Face Color sticks, and I've still been using them as part of my daily routine. Nudestix is a brand focused on easy-to-use stick products that are perfect for on-the-go people, perform well, let your natural beauty shine through, and are vegan and cruelty-free. As someone who likes to throw on their makeup at their desk every morning as quickly as possible, this kind of message really speaks to me. One of their latest releases is the #Babeboss Faves Box, a collection of six best-selling lip and cheek crayons each chosen by a beauty influencer. 

If you're looking for an introduction to the brand, I think this would be such a good place to start. For one, it's such a good deal price-wise. These makeup crayons usually retail for around $24 each, but this set of six full-size products is $59. If there are at least three colors in the set you'd wear, then it's definitely worth your while. It's also a great intro to the brand because there are multiple formulas included: the Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil, Magnetic Matte Lip Color, Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm, and original creamy Lip + Cheek Pencil. Most of the shades are nudes/neutrals, which are always my favorites, and there are two bolder shades. As I said, I've been so impressed with the brand's formulas overall, so let's get into each product in the set.

Lip + Cheek Pencil, 'Sin' | This product was selected by the founders of Nudestix, Ally & Taylor Frankel. It's a beautiful rosy shade that adds a pretty pink flush to the lips and cheeks. It's the perfect accent to a no-makeup makeup look and just makes you look radiant and healthy. This pencil is super creamy and comfortable to apply and has a bit of a sheen on the lips.

Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm, 'Pulse' | This was the color I was most excited about in the set because it was selected by Samantha Ravndahl - one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram and watch on YouTube. The Gel Color is a beautifully balmy product that's quite sheer and glossy. Pulse is a plummy nude that looks like it would be flattering on a lot of skintones. It gives your lips a little "something-something," and it leaves a lovely dewy glow on the cheeks.

Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil, 'Purity' | This color was selected by Jaleesa M, and it's one of the prettiest nude shades I've ever used. It's the perfect combination of brown, peach, and pink, so it seems like it would be universally flattering. These are some of the creamiest mattes I've ever tried, and they're extremely pigmented in one swipe. There's still the tiniest bit of sheen left on the lips, making them still look full, but they last an incredibly long time.

Sin, Pulse, Purity, Boho, Burgundy, Stiletto

Sin, Pulse, Purity, Boho, Burgundy, Stiletto

Magnetic Matte Lip Color, 'Boho' | This shade was selected by Lynette Cenee. It's a beautiful deeper brown nude that adds a flattering 90s vibe to any look. I haven't used a true brown shade like this in awhile, but this one is reminding me how much I love the look. It's not too warm that it pulls orange on me, while not being too cool that it drains any life from my face. The Magnetic Matte formula is insane - more matte than the Intense Mattes, and they feel lightweight and last absolutely ages.

Magnetic Matte Lip Color, 'Burgundy' | This color was chosen by Cydnee Black. I've been loving these kinds of vampy red shades lately (so in season, I know), and this one is one of the prettiest. Again, it's super matte, so you know it's not going anywhere. This is one of the more wearable red shades I have, I feel, because it seems to be a little muted, with a little bit of a brown tone thrown in. It looks stunning paired with really minimal makeup.

Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil, 'Stiletto' | This shade was selected by Karen Yeung. This was the one shade I didn't see myself wearing in the set, as it looked warm on everyone I saw wearing it. It's actually (on me, at least), more of a blue-toned red, which is my favorite kind of red to wear. It's very bright and poppy, similar to NARS Dragon Girl - I think Stiletto has knocked it out of my number one favorite spot! Like Purity, it's a really lovely almost satin-matte formula that's creamy and comfortable on the lips but doesn't slide around.

I'm so pleased with this set, and it was such a nice surprise to find all of the shades completely wearable on my skintone. I think they did a great job choosing the shades included - they really seem like they'd be flattering on anyone. I really admire Nudestix for collaborating with such a diverse set of influencers on this set - it's not every day you see a brand showing women of color the recognition they deserve. 

You can get the #BabeBoss Faves Box from Nudestix, Sephora, Ulta, and Beautylish.

(This post hasn't been sponsored, I just think this set is the greatest of deals for really amazing products!)