New In From Buxom

Last week I got a super exciting package from Buxom Cosmetics - I had only tried one or two things from the brand, so I jumped at the chance to try more. I'm a sucker for any lip product, really, so I was excited to try a couple new (to me) formulas.

L to R | Peach Daiquiri, Pink Champagne, White Russian Liquid Lipstick, White Russian Bold Gel Lipstick

L to R | Peach Daiquiri, Pink Champagne, White Russian Liquid Lipstick, White Russian Bold Gel Lipstick

There are two new, limited edition shades of their Full-On Lip Creams - these are one of my favorite lip gloss formulas. They're super creamy on the lips and stick around for quite awhile without being uncomfortably sticky. Now, your hair will stick to it if the wind blows, but your lips won't feel stuck together or anything. They have that minty tingle of a plumping gloss, and I find it really smooths out the lip lines and does gently plump my lips up a little. I have quite sensitive and reactive lips, but these never give me a problem. The new shades are Peach Daiquiri, a pale peach nude, and Pink Champagne, a pale pink nude. These shades are a little sheer, so they allow your natural lip color to show through and add just a hint of peach or pink. They're really beautiful, and Pink Champagne has already earned a place in my everyday makeup bag. 

The other exciting bit is that they've expanded their cult-favorite White Russian shade (originally from the Full-On Lip Cream line) into two new formulas: the Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick and Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick. As you can see from the swatches, they're both different shades, but beautiful nudes nonetheless. The Bold Gel Lipstick is such a stunning formula - I had never tried it before, but now I've got a few more shades on my wishlist. It's incredibly creamy and comfortable to wear and apply, but it still has a matte finish and fades evenly. This version of White Russian is probably one of my favorite nudes in my collection now. The Whipped Liquid Lipstick is another formula I had never tried, and again, I've been loving it. There are many complaints about the longevity, but these days I don't mind reapplying a lipstick if it means it's more comfortable to wear. Also, Buxom never claims that these are longwearing. I can get a few hours before having to reapply, which is easy to do without it crumbling everywhere. The White Russian shade here is a beautiful pale nude that I like to pair with a slightly deeper lip liner to create a really pretty and subtle ombre lip.

I've been so impressed with these that I'll definitely need to look more into Buxom - what are your favorite products by them? I'm definitely going to need to pick up the original White Russian Gloss now!

*All products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.