A Glossy Highlight

It's no secret that I love a good highlighter. My collection is basically overflowing with them, despite just doing a huge clearout. Over time my tastes have evolved from ultra-metallic highlights to more natural-looking ones. Since I wear less makeup overall now, I like them to make my skin just look dewy and fresh.

Obviously cream products are going to give a dewy effect, but there's one powder that really stands out. The Cover FX Perfect Light Highlighting Powder in Moonlight looks just like a cream on the skin. It gives a natural, luminous glow without being sparkly. If you want a dewy look but are wary of creams, definitely try this one out. 

I've also recently fallen for a liquid highlighter - the YSL Touche Eclat Glow Shot in Daylight. It's quite subtle (but can be built up) and brings a brightness and radiance to the skin that's just beautiful. This gives a glossy look to the skin, but it still dries down and doesn't feel greasy.

The cream highlight that originally got me into this more natural, dewy look is the rms beauty Living Luminizer, and it's still one I reach for quite often. It uses a combination of coconut oil and mica to cause light to reflect off the high points of your face. It's probably the most natural-looking of them all. I've also recently been using the Ilia Illuminator in Polka Dots & Moonbeams, and it's pretty much a perfect match for the Living Luminizer. They're both lovely natural brands, so the choice is really whether you'd prefer a pot or a stick. I'll use one of these even if I'm not wearing makeup, just to give myself a little bit more glow.

The most unique and "natural, yet unnatural" would have to be the Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color (review) in Illumi-Naughty. It truly looks like a gloss on the skin without a hint of shimmer or glitter, but it reflects a rosy pink shade when the light hits it. It's quite subtle, and yet still makes a statement - my favorite kind of product. The formula is quite thin and easily applied to the skin without moving around any makeup underneath, and it practically blends itself.

You know I had to mention the Glossier Haloscopes here, didn't you? They're my most favorite highlighter of them all, and the Quartz shade is the only highlighter I've ever finished. I use these the most often because they have the perfect balance of dew-inducing oils and a little bit of crystal dust for shine. They're probably the most intense here, and yet they still look completely natural. Quartz is my favorite for everyday, as it gives a pearly-champagne sheen to the skin, but I've also been using Moonstone more and more - it has an opalescent vibe that has a little bit of a blue shift, with a similar resulting look to the Nudestix. If you're looking to get into cream highlighters I'd start here - and I'm not just saying that because of my 20% off link. Haloscope was my favorite even before I became a rep!

What's your favorite glossy highlight?